Offsite Hotel Deals


I have been looking for some good deals online for suites near Disney. Just wanted to let you know that Holiday Inn Family Suites Resort (pretty new, large hotel located close to Marriott World Center) is offering fantastic deals! Yes, these are the same deals mousesavers is posting but it is for anyone. Including the free meals (no mooching off the condiment bars - ha, ha). is the site

They have five different suites to choose from. They look fantastic.

If anyone has stayed at this property, please post your review. I’ll probably be staying there when I go again in March.

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Although I haven’t stayed there, we were on a trip with some friends who couldn’t find a deal on property, so they stayed there with their kids. I went to their room once, and it was pretty nice. All the rooms have some sort of theme, bunk beds, and are pretty large. It seemed like a pretty nice hotel to me. It is in a good location. We have stayed at the Marriott World Center, and it is just as close as staying at any of the on property, non Disney hotels. For another option, Dreams Unlimited Travel ( offers great deals on all of the on property non - Dinset hotels. They have always been good to deal with.


When I have some time to devote, I’ll use the site you recommended. Thanks for the feedback!:cool: