Oh boy oh boy oh boy...i get to do it again!


Any of you old timers out there? Well I get to plan a
trip for the family…:tongue: It will consist of eight
adults and four kids…:noo: two boys 7 and nine, two girls
5 and six:wacko: Now its not until June of 2016 but I’m
ready to plan the heck out of it. SOG will be our check
point and having da boys as true pro’s will help with the
Like to hear from anybody but where are you oldtimers:laugh:
I Thank You Kindly


I’m still here, but there’s not much to discuss lately.
Glad you’re checking in, it’s been a while. It’s really funny to consider myself, not just one of the old timers, but actually a community elder at this point.
Oh well, the world still turns.
Happy planning.


yes you are an elder, back in the day
we burned up mousebuzz huh?


Hi Franco. With the planning, don’t forget height limits. Don’t want to build up going on a ride, if they won’t have a chance to get on.


That’s an excellent point!


It’s never too early to plan. I’ve started our 2016 trip. Wine and Food Festival again.


hey there Boss how goes the battle? real quiet around here
isn’t it? back in the day it was lots of fun. I look out my
window to see 16 foot snow drifts in our parking lot and with
12+ inches coming tonight I feel like Jack in the “shinning”
here’s Franco! yes plenty of time to plan. All but my family
will be Disney “newbies” should be fun. good to see you


Geez Franco, that’s right, you’ve been getting bombed by weekly major snows for the last month.
Funny how the first storm got all kinds of coverage, but now it’s barely mentioned.
How are you holding up?


Ya’know Franco, if the Patriots didn’t cheat, you all would not be suffering the wrath of god.


we are ok SG not much you can do about it, 4:13 am and
all is quiet on the west quincy front. it’s going to
ramp up for sunday with big time winds hope we don’t
lose power. plenty of food and beer! it’s just the wife
myself and my old time kittykat now, we will be alright.
hey Boss if you remember I have always been a “steeler”
fan. after a few years off to be lazy I rejoined the
ymca and I go early 5:00 am mon-fri. and all the early
olddtimers are ready to put coach and brady up for saint-
hood, I need to trend softly. ha
where ever MJD is today he still must be lighting candles
in front of his fathead poster of brady!


Hello everyone. I haven’t been here for a long time, well since the Phillies were competitive. Hope everyone is well. I’m watching Disney’s Animal Kingdom and need a Dinsey fix, and some warm weather too.


Hey there peeps! I haven’t been here in a long long time as well, but I get to do it again too! I’m planning my honeymoon for October this year, so I’ve found myself back here taking a “refresher course.” Lol


HEY FRANCO!!! So good to see you back! That sounds like a fun trip to plan. We usually travel with 8 people. My parents love going with the grandkids and my sister and brother in law like having me plan everything. LOL! Can’t wait to hear more about your plans.


willbegone how are you? I can remember you saying once
that you loved your state still feel that way? just asking
not sure I can say that about mine. Massachusetts.