OH drivers..Rt 75 or 77?


If you drive to WDW from Ohio, do you prefer Rt 75 or Rt 77 and why?


I come from the Lima, Ohio area and swear by 75. I have driven at times of real congestion due to construction, but the flow has always been adequate. There has only been a few instances when it was real slow but it was because of accidents for the most part. But anytime I go South…I always use 75!


We live about 20 miles west of Cleveland and always use 77


I live just north of Dayton and always use 75, it has never been a problem.


Well, I’m in KY now but when I traveled with my parents many moons ago we always took I-75 with no problem.


We also take 75! No problems last time we went.


We live in the center of the state and we always take 77. We have never had a problem going this way!