Oh Goof Father, what do you think of this?


I was finally able to arrange a meeting with that guy, and, well, just scroll down and tell me what you think.


Yes, that is my hand that is holding Superhero Minnie. She is all mine. Are you interested in trading? :biggrin:


He’s gonna be all over that iguana!!! You’ve got yourself a great bargaining chip!


Hey Gam… I’m an amatuer palm reader, and I hate to tell you this, but that line right there beside Minni’es head sure doesn’t look good… :nonono2:

Ok… I’m not an amatuer palm reader… But I bet you were really scared there for a minute… :laugh:


It’s a fake…dont go for it Goof! He is just messing with you. It is an early April Fools Joke.

Hey Iguana, I’ll trade you… :whistling :biggrin:


Very tricky qm!! :wink:


:laugh: You’re halarious!


At least I made one person laugh… :wink:


The others are laughing on the inside :ninja:


I laughed!

And I love ingamba’s big tease for the Goof!

I am curious as to what kind of pin ingamba is looking for :ninja:


GIMME-GIMME-GIMME-GIMME-GIMME!!! :blink: :wacko: :tongue: :wink:

Alas, even if it is a fake, it looks good! Doesn’t it???

So WHAT do you want Senior Ingamba??? WHAT IS THE PRICE FOR THIS OBJECT OF MY AFFECTION? :huh:


Let me make an offer that you can’t refuse…



O dear take cover everyone Goof Father has lost it over the pin ;).


Goof Father… “an offer you can’t refuse.” I get it…the God Father… You’re so clever. :laugh:


I sure hope no one ends up sleeping with the fishes on this one . . . .


Me too, cause I don’t think I could sleep with a snorkel in my mouth… :laugh:


Just remember, sometimes you gotta go to the mattresses! And “two shots to the head”


Just be sure to keep it noisy to scare away any pain in the butt innocent bystanders


GF, it looks like it’s time to talk turkey. My contact couldn’t produce Super Goofy yet. But he has sent some men out to visit the NY family who dabble in pin trading a little.


Ingamba, I am a little scared of your connections. Italian - contacts… hmmmmm

Is it one of those cases “Never ask me about my business, Kate.”