Oh hahahahahahaha! Payback's a you-know-what!


Call it kharma, what goes around, whatever… but my lawn is covered in snow, and a friend is at WDW under blue skies and wearing a short-sleeved shirt. Probably applying sunscreen and all that. So he sent a sunny pic from Main Street this morning, just to get my goat.

Weeeelllll… he ended up sending this one too. He is in the front seat at Space, and the ride is stalled, just before going into the tube. Lights on, all that jazz. This was about an hour ago, and for all I know he is still sitting there. :laugh::frostyang

Actually, I hope they get out before fireworks! If you are reading this, gladyou ahd a great day… wish I could have been there to enjoy it with your feisty pals!


OMG! I bet they won’t tease you again! :laugh::laugh::laugh:




Ha! That’s karma for you! :laugh:


Classic. Hope they don’t jinx their trip with another pic.


hahaha well at least they weren’t bothered by all of that pesky sun!


Hahahaha!! :biggrin:


Haha karma Disney style!


For some reason when you put it that way its not so bad.:happy:


Oh that Karma will getcha everytime :laugh: