Oh How Cute!


I was just on allears reading Deb’s blog of mousefest… boy I wish I could be there, but I am here in chilly NJ/PA with my loving family and friends… but she posted the following picture…

On My how cute, does anyone have the WDW merchandise number, I would love to have one for ME… oh and maybe MissSMIG too.


What is that? a bra?




Yes boss, made just for you!:eek:


omg!! i need one…i will be there the day after christmas. perhaps they will be on sale. i need to add it to my christmas collection. how much are they???


Seriously - what is it/are they?


We almost got one of those last week. For some reason DH decided to get a Christmas Donald instead.


:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:Boss, you’re such a wonderful stress releaser. They’re cute little stuffed beer holders. You of all people should know that.:rolleyes:


Beer holders??? I thought they were snowmen


:laugh: You guys…tsk tsk!

They’re just little plush Minnie/Mickey Snowmen. I saw them alot when I was there last week but I’m already bursting with plush toys as it is, so I never got one.

Dac: are the WDW merchandise numbers listed on the park reciepts? If so I’m sure I can snag it for you… :happy:


does anyone know if they will have after christmas??? i NEED one


They are. Just joking with Boss. I saw them last week and they are adorable.


does anyone have the merchandise number?


Dee…I can’t copy and paste on my phone internet but when you go to allearsnet.com on the left side there is a link with the number. I think you have to click wdw parks first. If I get to a PC today I will copy and paste. May not be till later.


Oh thank you sweetheart… i am going to call them today and see if I can get a mickey minnie


don’t think it’s a bra but minnie snowman looks like she was made with cotton hoo hoo’s.