Oh Look People


…at my counter! It says 15 days. That’s 2 weeks from tomorrow by my calculations. Jack is getting excited, Danielle is getting excited, and yes, I’m getting excited.

So, is there anyone here who can show me the steps to the 2 week dance? :mickey:


Well for disney it goes something like this…you take your wallet, you put your wallet back, you take your wallet out and you shake it all about…


One two three…dip…one two three…ssslllllide…one two three …shake.

Two week dance is rather slow and graceful, but the single digit dance is outta control. Let me know when you get there…I show you that one too…lolol


What ever you do, Don’t do any dance from the 70’s. Nothing looked good in the 70’s …


Heyyyyy…I like the hustle. :wink: ingamba, do the hustle…that’s a good disney dance. :pirate:


Well, it’s not Disney, but one of my favorite movies of all time is Saturday Night Fever. It’s 70’s, it’s Brooklyn, and it’s Italian. What’s not to love?


Absolutely nothing. I love that movie…even if just to laugh at the clothes…lol ok so do the hustle or the ol pointing the finger in the air boogie like John travolta (major hottie) . You need a two week dance mister …now do it!


I remember trying to walk like JT did (with the paint cans) as the Bee Gees sang in my head. I am fine now after extensive therapy.


LOL!!! I’m all too familiar with that dance!! :tongue:


Oh me too! I always seem to get separated from my money when I go to WDW. And I miss it too. But than I thank it for having allowed me to make some wonderful Disney memories.

I say, “thank you money, for being so valuable that Disney will take you in exchange for it’s services”.




“and money, you are in good hands here at WDW. You will get passed along to people who will cherish you and take good care of you!”




:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I can recommend my therapist to those of you speaking to your money.
She was very good at keeping me from speaking to the voices in my head.


No way! It’s pure comic genius to speak to inanimate objects, The Boss.



Whoah-whoah-WHOAH! Slow down there Ingamba… It looks like you have MY countdown to WDW. There must have been some kind of mix-up. I am sure we can work it out and get MY countdown and vacation back into my hands, and try and figure out just we will have to do for you…

I think you were planning to go in Febru-ember of 2015! Yeah, that is the ticket! So please forward to me all of your tickets and confirmation numbers as soon as possible!

:wink: :nuke: :tongue:

I am sooooo jealous… :blush:

You are gonna have a suh-weet time! :biggrin:


All my travel documents are on there way to you Goof. Along with my lightsaber and the keys to my X-Wing Fighter.


Dance, Dance, Dance. Boogie Wonderland…


I am totally imagining you spinning in circles right now, Lims!


{nerdy giggles…}
Dude it worked better than I thought!


I thought the 2 weeks dance was the electric slide !! That’s what i was planning to do !!