Oh, man!


Darn it! The Haunted Mansion is closed now to get its holiday overlay.

My parents are there today and tomorrow, and I’m disappointed for them. Matterhorn is closed, too, but that’s not a must-do ride for them.

I love my parents. Why are they at Disneyland today & tomorrow? Well, because there’s no Indiana Jones Adventure at WDW, so they have to get maximum Indy exposure now so they’re okay with not having it at WDW in December (their first trip ever to WDW. We all get to go! Me and Rob and DS5 and my parents! That’s going to be so much fun!).

And really, it’s been a very difficult morning for me. I want to keep calling and ask “Are you there yet? Are you there yet?” :laugh: It’s not even 7am yet in California as I write this, and Disneyland doesn’t open until 10am today.

Still, I’m excited. :happy: Hmmm… Do you think I’m overly involved? :blink:


LOL, Andrea, you might be a control-freak. :laugh:


I hope your parents enjoy their day! Why aren’t you there with them?


Because THEY are in Southern California, and I’m stuck back here on the stupid side of the country! :laugh:

They called me this morning, though. To tell me they were leaving their hotel room. :happy: At 8:20, although the park doesn’t open until 10.

“Why are you leaving so early?” I ask.

“Well, we have to park, and take the tram, and go through security, and we wouldn’t want to be late for anything…”

See? I come by my obsession naturally and genetically! :laugh:

As for control freak… you wouldn’t be referring to the touring plan I typed out for them, so they could maximize their time and fastpass usage, would you? :blink: :blink: :blink:



Is HM going to be reopned and back to it’s non-Christmas form by my February trip to DLR?


I feel for ya Andrea. I would be acting the same way and I would have a hard time staying away from dialing their number :laugh:


If it makes you feel better, they only have 15 minutes before they get to enjoy the Happiest Place on Earth! :laugh: :laugh: :wub:



They close the HM down to put the Nightmare Before Christmas theme in for Halloween / Christmas.

They take it off in January. :eek:

Well, take it down. :ohmy:

Well, go back to the original theme. :pinch:

Yeah, that’s it! :laugh:


I don’t blame them, why do you think I went to DL in June BEFORE I went to WDW in August. haha. INDY!!! :tongue: :tongue:

Obviously I am kidding, but MAN Andrea, you are going to have a BLAST with them in WDW! :happy: