Oh My Gosh!


I noticed everyones double digit dance and I looked at my countdown…

I am double digit dancing too! :goofybounce:

After being a Mouse Buzz member since 2004 I am finally double digit dancing! I actually teared up!





Oh Congrats! That is so Great!!


Congrats on your double digit dance!!!


Congrats Lisa… we are both doing the dance, just a matter of time before we meet up on 9/19


How exciting for you!! Congratulations!


Its your turn!! Have a blast and enjoy!


Congrats. keep on doing that dance.


Yippee…I can’t wait!



YIPEE!!! I’m so happy for you!! I hope the summer goes fast as usual, and then your trip will be here before you know it!!


It better, I really need my WDW vacation…looks like it might be my last for a long while


Congrats! I didn’t realize I was in double digits until today! It’s funny how it sneaks up on you! Hopefully the single digits will sneak up really quick!!


Congratulations! It’s a great feeling to know you’re on your way to the happiest place on Earth!


Dance away!


I know everyone will say “Oh my gosh Goofball, were you born in a barn?!?” but what is double digit dancing?


What a fabulous feeling!! Congratulations!! Yippee! :goofybounce:


When you hit 99 in your countdown . . . you are double digit dancing . . . then when you hit 9 you are single digit dancing . . . :laugh:


YAY for you!!!


Thanks everyone!

I need something to pass the time so as soon as I learn how to post pics I am gonna do a pre TR!