Oh my, what to do?


So after reading so many wonderful comments on Crystal Palace for breakfast I began thinking we should try it in Oct/Nov. We do CP every trip but always for lunch or dinner. I have a lunch there on one day and it is really cramping us for time getting the kids over to Pirate League after lunch so should I change my lunch to an early breakfast? If I do, then I’m going to drop my Safari Breakfast at Tusker for later in the week and do Chef Mickey’s that evening. So what it comes down to is this, should I:

Crystal Palace for breakfast, Chef Mickey’s for dinner (NOT ON SAME DAY)
Safari Breakfast, and Crystal Palace for lunch and be crunced to get to the Pirate League

Of course this would all hinge on IF there were any availability left.


Why don’t you change it to the very latest breakfast time available - that way it can be brunch and you can kill two birds with one stone - so to speak. Just have a quick bite of breakfast in the morning to keep the kids from getting cranky.


I love CP breakfast so do whatever you need to do to make that happen!


Well… I love CP for breakfast, and Chef Mickey’s for dinner is amazing! So… I’m voting that one! I think Chef Mickey’s is way better than Tusker House.


Personally, I’d bag all thoughts of breakfast at Tusker House.
Between being almost impossible to get a reservation for it, the lack of an omelet station or the option of eggs made to order, and the way we were ignored by the characters (despite the best attempts of their wrangler) all combine to make me say, don’t waste your time with Tusker House.

And there’s still the option of getting the very last reservation for breakfast at CP (10:30) and taking your time so that lunch is being served before you finish your breakfast (allowing you to have WDW’s only character brunch).


Definetly do CP for breakfast, you won’t be disappointed!


So I’ve changed my ADRs around and now have a 8:05AM breakfast at Crystal Palace (before park opening! YEA!) on Nov. 1 we are early risers and love to be at parks at rope drop. Also have a 5:25PM Chef Mickey’s dinner on Oct.31. I was surprised it was that easy for a party of 8 this late. I guess it won’t be too busy that week. I cancelled my Tusker House breakfast and Crystal Palace lunch.


Great choice! LOVE CP breakfast!


Sounds like a plan!:happy:


I too love CP for breakfast and always better when you get that 805 one so you are in the park before it opens. enjoy


Sometimes it’s easier for a larger party to get a reservation than it is for a party of two. There are quite a few times now that I’ve had CMs say we had a party of 5 in order to get the reservation.

Dinner at Chef Mickey’s on Halloween night at 5:25?
You might think about doing the Halloween Party that night.
You could even enter MK at 4 PM with your event ticket, head over to Chef Mickey’s at 5:10, and then get back to the MK by 6:45.


How cool, dinner at Chef Mickey’s on Halloween Night…maybe the characters will be in their Halloween costumes. Are you doing the Halloween party too?


We are doing the Halloween Party on Nov.1 because I don’t want to do it on Halloween night as it is always sold out and Nov.1 isn’t so crowded. Tickets are already purchased for the Nov. 1 party. So I thought Chef Mickey’s on Halloween night and MAYBE trick or treating at DTD will be good, we’ll see.


We love CP’s breakfast!!