Oh no! 2 days to plan for October!


So much going on lately that my October ADR booking date has completely snuck up on me! I have two days to plan our big, 10-day trip! Oy vey!! :excl:

I know what I’m doing during my commute tomorrow!! :happy:


You better get to allears and look at those menus!


Hot dog!!! (The exclamation, not the menu item…)


I know what you mean!! I’m already past the 180 day mark and I’m FRANTIC!

I’ve got to plan for the biggest group we’ve ever travelled with!!!

Good luck!!


Hey, best of luck to both of you! Just remember…take a deep breath, and go with what you know! There’s PLENTY of us here with multiple WDW dining experiences, so we’re here to help!

(and we DO accept doggy-bags from any of the restaurants you visit!) :tongue: :wink:


so many places to eat so little time and stomach capacity.


Okay bali, now make sure you let us in on your ADR plans.


AAAAHHH!! Forgot to write down the EMH hours before I left this morning, so the planning didn’t get to far. One day left!! I’m also going to add the dining plan to our DVC rental reservation–just makes good sense, no?