Oh NO not another one


Looks like there is another tropical storm brewing up Frances I really hope this one dies down quick or goes back out. Please a little pixie dust here


Pixie dust to you!!! Everything will be fine. It can’t happen twice in 1 month to the happiest place on earth.
My neighbors were there during Charley and said WDW was very prepared and accomodating.


Yea that will totally suck if it happens again, hopefully it doesnt…also just to let ya know honeypot…WDW is the most magical place on earth, DL is the most happiest place on earth. I just l ike to let people know that…Im not bein mean or anything, hopefully no hard feelings :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :-).


I agree anaheimboy15!! It is the original after all!!! :mickey:


I would be HAPPY if the MAGICAL place was completely spared!


Me too!!! :mickey:


there’s a tropical storm called Frances? oh, my niece would love that when she hears about it. i send you a lot of pixie dust that Frances doesn’t come your way. have a safe and wonderful trip.


Picky, picky, picky! :biggrin: I always feel happiest at the most magical place though :mickey:


Hey I just kinda dont like it when people mix up DL’s logo with WDW’s logo, So Yea…I guess I am Picky… :slight_smile:


Pixie dust and happy thoughts!!


Another one? Sheesh! Pixie Dust to all who may be in it’s path.


Pixie dust and all the “magic” it will take!!
“Thar be stormy weather ahead”


Thanks for the info Anaheimboy15 BUT I wasn’t really talking about their logos, I was referring to how I feel and …WDW IS THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH FOR ME. I don’t go to DL…as far as I’m concerned WDW is the only Disney. I guess you can say that I did take offense to that, afterall, the reply was to wish Dans good luck and pixie dust on his trip. Sorry if it bothered you.
I’m with you EmpressJenny!!! I am happiest at the most magical place.


well u may think what u want but DL is The Most Happiest Place on Earth to me…I dont offen go to WDW…and Im Concerned that DL is the only Disney…lol, but we all have our own opinions and thats cool and I dont think we should get in an argument over sumthing “stupid” like this. And I know I started it so Im srry. :slight_smile: And Yes, all the Pixie dust in the world to Dans, WDW, and for all who may be in the path of the new storm…:-(. So I do hope their are no hard feelings and I DO Love WDW…but we all have our own thoughts/feelings…So no hard feelings? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


No hard feelings.


Anyone else hear anything else on Frances???


Is your niece a Frances? Me too! :angel: I hope this Frances is nice and calm!


What are the most common months for hurricanes in Florida? I’m from the UK so we never really experience anything like that here (Apart from in 1992 we got a backlash from Hurricane Andrew). It would be pretty scary being caught up in the middle of something like that :eek:


Most common months for hurricanes here would be August-October…We’ve had 8 names storms in August. As for Frances, it’s really difficult to say where it is going. The models show it coming down here to south Florida…but they are saying that there is a chance it could move north. They keep telling us down here that it could go south of us…hit us…hit north Florida…or hit the Carolinas. They never mention central Florida.


I’m no meteorologist, but I’m assuming that’s because Florida starts to cool down in those months and cold fronts mix up with warm fronts and cause a hurricane?

…Or am I just talking rubbish :blink:

Well, if it does hit then I wish you all luck and hope nobody is badly effected by it!