Oh No! What Have I Done!


Hello all Disney fans…

I have recently just come back from Disney World, Orlando, Florida along with my Parents, My Fiancee and two little Princesses Sophie (4), and Megan (7) with a bunch of pictures and videos, (fireworks,rides characters etc)…well 5, 2gbyte SD Cards from my Digital Camera/Vid Recorder. MY THUMB HURTS from all the snapping.

SHOCK HORROR!!! I’ve just gone to make a DVD to pass around the family for xmas, and deleted the videos of all the firework shows, “Wishes”, “Reflections of Earth”, etc.

Does anyone know where i can get some good quality vids of the shows…or has anyone out there got any that they would be willing to share.

Hope there is someone out there who can grant me this wish and make my dreams come true.
Please HELP!!!

E.Mail - tomward79@yahoo.com


Try this thread…



Thanks… you are officially my first Mousebuzz response…


For some reason i can’t download from that?? Any other suggestions?



try to PM readytogo…i bet he has something, or knows where to find it!

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Nice One… Thanks Very Much! It’s just like being back there! Everyone’s so nice and willing to help…

Not sure how to do the Private Messages yet… will have a try though!

How can you get your own photo’s on the Avatar?

Questions,Questions,Questions …Sorry!



No problem with the questions! Click on “User CP” on the black menu bar above and then, on the left, click on “Edit Avatar” :mickey:

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Contact Soundgod…he does fantatic work. He may be able to help you.


Oh, no, not him. We’re not all like him. :tongue:


:confused: That’s strange… What do you mean ‘oh no not him’ , I’m only a newcomer…:confused:

:blink: Still having trouble converting my ‘photopass’ pictures into the Avatar. HELP!!!

:heart: Thanks to Allyson,Dana,Emamasa:heart:

P.S Great MySpace Page Sarah!!!:mickey:


The pics have to be REALLY small to work as an Avatar (the exact size I don’t recall). Try shrinking them down using a program such as Microsoft Paint. Hope that helps!!


That was directed at me…he’s my DS, Have to excuse him - he’s teaching 2nd grade. :eek:



the “not him” wasn’t directed at you! we are a silly bunch around here!!:ph34r: :laugh:

try to shrink your photopass pics down to a smaller size and then upload it to the usercp for your avatar pic. i have had trouble with some pics before, and i am not sure exactly what i did to fix it, other than pic size. i’ll go play with my photopass pic and see if i can get one on my avatar, and let you know what i had to do.


ok, i guess i can’t help - i just changed my avatar (4 times) and all of them were photopass pics, and i didn’t have to change size or anything. sorry i can’t help with this one!


Massive thanks to Allyson and Sarah…

Avatar success!!

Although i seem to be able to add a digital image from my camera, i’m still having problems with my photopass pictures because the file sizes are too big on ALL OF THEM. Any ideas…

What a pain i am…I am truly sorry for these minor problems causing everyone so much stress…

I Wish i was there now…


By the way Sarah, Allyson

Those are my two little Princessess Megan(7) on the right and Sophie(4) on the left



my girls are 4 & 7 as well!

your princesses are adorable! glad you got the pic up!


What beautiful girls you have, TomTom! I have two boys - a 7 year old and a 7 week old!! :mickey: