Oh no...FREE FOOD!


OK, this was one of my biggest fears, but in a good way.
Going down 9/20-10/1, using our AP’s for our first stay at WL. Already booked most of our ADR’s, including CRT for breakfast, Chef Mickey & Liberty Tree for before the MNSSHP on 9/29. Then I see hte news about the free dining coming back & I’m torn!!
We had this last year for free & it worked out well. Wasn’t crazy about ADR’s for dinner with a 2 & 4 year-old, hard to stop & eat in the middle of fun, but grabbing a bottle of water whenever we were thirsty sure was nice!!
So, what would you do? Use the AP discount or eat for free?!?!
My big question is, since we have the AP’s, can I put what I have to pay for tickets for the package deal towards anything, like upgrading old tickets I might have?
I also have the DDE card.
So, WL with AP pass, eat with DDE card, or eat free & buy tickets I don’t need?
Also, online will only let me book this package for 10 days, can it be booked for 11?
Thanks a bunch!!!


You have to buy the tickets that you don’t need, but you can upgrade them (or apply them to your AP renewal). You can not combine them with old tickets.

HOWEVER, since you only have to buy a 1 day pass for each person and you’re staying 10 days I’d think the free dining would MORE THAN offset the cost of the tickets. And it’s not like you’re really out any money since you can upgrade them or apply them to a renewal. I’d do the free dining FOR SURE (did it twice last year!)


Get the package for the whole stay but buy only a one day ticket for each person, then use your AP’s.


This is okay, check out mousesavers…


My bad…didn’t read Allyson’s post…well just consider me an echo :redface:


Just booked it!!!
Le Cellier, CRT, Rose & Crown, Liberty Tree & others FREE!!!


YUMMY YUMMY - Great choices!!!