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Hi there,

We are planning to go to Disneyland this summer…matter of fact; we arrive in California on June 13th around 1 pm. It was our plan to just visit Disneyland for two days (the 14th and 15th), but everyone tells us we must do California Adventure too. I had no idea that when I booked our trip, it would end up to be such a busy weekend (opening of Cars). My goal with scheduling in early June was to avoid the heat as much as possible. Now, I am terrified that is going to be a mad crush. I am hoping some of you might have advice to help make it go as smoothly as possible. I can’t re-schedule the trip…non-refundable tickets and all that jazz.

Here are a few details about us:
Ages: (2) parents and (3) kids…ages 9,6, and 3 (but will be turning 4 on the 17th…so we are celebrating his birthday early.
Hotel: Staying 4 nights at the Park Vue Inn
Other plans: We are hoping to see a bit of the Hollywood sights…just planning a few hours for all of that. We are planning to rent a car and drive down to San Diego on the 17th. While in San Diego, we plan to visit SeaWorld. We are returning home on the 21st.

If you have any suggestions on websites, books or blogs, please let me know. UGH, I am a planner to the extreme and this has thrown me off so badly that I am almost dreading going. This will honestly probaby be the last time we visit Disney until our kids are much older…it’s that once in a lifetime type visit and I really wanted to make it special. Now, I just feel overwhelmed.

We are newbies at Disneyland, only have been there once…but it was just for a day. I just ordered The Unofficial Guide Disneyland 2012 and Lots to Do Inline from Amazon today.

Thanks so much!


Yes, it’s going to be a tough, crowded time. But with a plan you’ll do fine.

Honestly, for the length of your trip… I would just avoid Carsland completely. That’s what is specifically going to be insanity. All alone, it would eat up more than half of a day. I’m not sure that’s worth it! (That said, I will be going to Carsland, probably on the 20th. But I’ll be taking a longer trip, and I’ve been plenty of times to both parks. So Carsland will be new to me. But for your kids, everything will be new, so why does it matter when it was actually built?)

And there’s no law that says you have to go to DCA. Especially on what may very well be the busiest DCA day so far. Especially if the kids don’t know what they’re missing. I would think there would be enough happy at Disneyland to never even miss DCA.

The other alternative is to add a third day to your passes (not terribly expensive, I don’t think) and use that first afternoon to head over to DCA. Carsland will be closed, and I imagine you can see the rest of it in relative peace.

Don’t dread it. Plan carefully and it will be okay! Have a strategy and you’ll be fine.


Also: Welcome to Mousebuzz!

Also also: make sure you read all of the recent Disneyland threads that have gone up. There’s a lot of info there. We’ve been handing out advice like it’s free. :biggrin:


First, welcome to MB.

I’ve only been to WDW, but I know that more of the gang familiar with DL will chime in soon. They have walked many members through DL and the best way to get the most out of your time visiting.

Have fun planning and remember to take a deep breath every now and then.

The one important thing to remember to allow time to relax. Too many of us were crazy commandos trying to make sure our families did everything. I know I drove my kids nuts on our first 3 Disney trips since there was no time alloted to actually be on vacation.


Thanks so much Andrea. I am trying to figure out this forum and finds threads further back. I am not only a newbie with Disney…but also with forums in general, so there is a little bit of a learning curve for me! LOL!


Pam&Rich…that is exactly what my goal is…so not rush my kids through everything just to see everything. They won’t know what they are missing and neither will we. Thank you!


…one more thing…I really think you guys need to be thanked for all the advice and suggestions that you give out. Not trying to brown-nose, but it’s pretty cool that you don’t do a big eye roll at all of us newbies.


We haven’t purchased our tickets for Disneyland yet…any advice on the best place to purchase them? I am assuming that purchasing them in advance would be smartest?


Oh, man…I am so sorry, I am filled with questions. Do you know where I would find information about how many seats each ride holds? I am a little worried about making sure that we can all ride the rides together…or if we are going to be seperated because of our odd number. My kids are so painfully shy, I would like to prepare them if we might have to be broken up…especially my oldest since she is the tallest and might not require an adult to sit with her?


Advance purchase does make it easy. You can do it at Disneyland.com.

There are a FEW legitimate discounters. Look here to find them!

MouseSavers.com - Discounts on Disneyland Tickets & Passes


Hmmm. Not sure if there’s a source for that.

You may have to be broken up a little bit, but I can’t think of a situation where your daughter would be actually alone. Maybe a row in front or behind within touching distance. That would mostly be for the rollercoaster-type rides where you have to sit buckled in.

For most rides that aren’t speedy, you can sit three across if two of them are kids.

I’m kind of fascinated by this so I might have to break it down…


Okay, I found this that someone put together… I’ll put my comments in red.

Indiana Jones: Large car with 3 rows of up to 4 people. (might be too much for the young one. Easy enough to request being split up into 2 & 3. You’ll all be in the same car.)

Thunder Mountain: cars on train with 2 per row. (The 5 of you will be assigned 3 rows, all in the same train.)

Space Mountain: cars on train with 2 per row. (Same situation as Thunder mountain)

Splash Mountain: logs with 4-6 per log, single file (Your little one should ride in the double seat in the back row with an adult, provided he hits the 40" mark.)

Star Tours: Large Theater, 8-10 per row.

Autopia: 1 or 2 per car. (Again… you’ll be assigned three cars in a row, you can divide up however you want)

Mad Tea Party: 2-4 per teacup

Haunted Mansion: 2-3 per Doom Buggy

Jungle Cruise: 20 per boat

Small World: boat, 2-4 per row

Pirates of the Caribbean: boat, 2-5 per row

Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters: 2 per car

Family/Kid rides, like the Rocket Jets, Dumbo, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Snow White’s Adventure, etc, have 1-2 per car.

In any case, she’s not going to be put with a stranger if she’s the odd man out.


Welcome to MB Yakmom! I’m like Pam&Rich, can’t help with DL, only WDW but you’re in very good hands with Andrea-enjoy your planning.


Andrea, you rock! Seriously! Sooo, she will never be put with a stranger? That’s amazing. When we go to our State Fair, they will try to put the kids with other parents or kids and she refuses to go on the ride. If the oldest two meet the height requirements, we’ll pair them up and either me or my husband will ride solo, but on the rides we can’t, she’ll be on her own.


Any suggestions on good guide books to purchase or websites or blogs to look-up? I did purchase the Unofficial Guide 2012. Just ordered it yesterday.


California Screamin’ & Goofy’s Sky School, both at DCA, have single-rider lines where they try to fill in the empty seats. (There are a few other single-rider lines, but they’ll fill in in a group situation like Indy- big car.)

If you happen to go on either of those and it works out that she has to ride alone, all it takes is a word to the CM that she doesn’t want someone to sit next to her and that will be the end of it.


Unofficial Guide is really all you need.

Miceage.com has all the latest Disneyland news. I also read the Disneyland forum on Disboards ONLY because there’s a certain piece of information I’m waiting for confirmation on for my upcoming trip and I want to make sure I am on the absolute latest news!

But really? I don’t think it’s going to be friendlier anywhere else. There are more people other places who post about Disneyland-- Mousebuzz is definitely more WDW-centric-- but Mousebuzz is the friendliest.

I came for the WDW info… and stayed for the company!


I have never seen fantastmic (only the movie version). Do you think it is appropriate for an almost 4 year old? Will he be bored? The time we went to Disney for one day, people started lining up for it very early…I just kept thinking that they were wasting so much time…and possibly missing a lot of Disneyland. If we are only going for two days, do you think it’s worth it?


It would seem that, once again, Andrea has it under control!:happy:

Welcome to Mousebuzz!


[QUOTE=Peppertink;1109190]It would seem that, once again, Andrea has it under control!:happy:

Welcome to Mousebuzz![/QUOTE]

More like, “Once again, Andrea is talking and she can’t shut up.” But you said it the nice way. :laugh: