Oh please say she'll be somewhere else!


According to allearsnet Ariel’s Grotto will be closed when we are there!! Besides the fact I will be upset, my DD will be so sad not to see her and take a picture with her!! She is her all time favorite!!!

I am so disappointed!! :sad: Do you think maybe they will have another spot for her???
If so where do I find out???


I can’t even begin to think of where they may have her instead…best bet would be to call and see what they say!


Oh No! We go in Dec, do you thing she will be back?


I think it said thru sometime in November so you should be ok!! I am so sad about this!!!


I really hope so, we have a DD 5yrs old that will be crushed.


Oh no! That’s terrible. The only places I have ever seen Ariel is at the Grotto, in her show at MGM, and in the parade at MGM. Definately ask a CM when you get to the park. They can tell you when and where all characters are at all times. Perhaps they will have her somewhere else. She is quite popular, so hopefully they don’t let all those little girls down. Pixie dust to your DD for finding her.


Maybe I can be of some consolation. Yes it’s true that the Grotto will be down for a time. How long a time I do not yet know. But if it can help, if your DDs are unable to meet Ariel when all families arrive, but would still love an autograph, look for me. After all Ariel’s a close personal friend of mine. And maybe even some bonus autographs? Don’t worry, I won’t let ya’ll leave empty handed when it comes to meeting characters or at least getting their John Hancock. PM me when you’re coming.


Oh that’s so disappointing!! I wonder if you can call and ask? My DD and DH met Ariel and Eric on our last trip, and it’s one of DD’s most precious memories! Pixie dust, lots of pixie dust being sprinkled!!


I wouldn’t panic. I would imagine that WDW has already made alternate plans for her to meet the children. She is a very popular character. I am sure you can call and ask, they’ve probably had a bunch of calls already.

Hang in there…pixie dust on it’s way!!!


I called the Switchboard at WDW, which in turn they transferred me to main # at MK !! So feeling a liitle embarassed that I went through all of this to find out about Ariel, I explained I was wondering what would happen to Ariel while her grotto was being refurbished?? The Cm got off the phone for a few minutes and confirmed it will be closed from 9/13 -11/10? (I think~~ Nov sometime ) Anyway she said there would be a place to see Ariel but they were not sure where as of yet, and to check back closer to the actual time it would be closed!! She was very helpful and very understanding of how important this is to my DD!!

I feel much better and it will make my DD very happy!!



Pete is going to be devastated, Ariel is his favorite!


See…told you they would make other arrangements to meet Ariel. She is too popular not to have her around.


Yes, :happy: thank goodness!!!