Oh, Please tell me!


Where is the best pizza in WDW?

I already know the best pizza in Orlando is :wub: Giordanos :wub: …but, I mean, ON property!



Never tried it, but I’ve always heard Wolfgang Puck’s is world renown for Pizzas.

Depends on how exotic you like your pizzas I suppose.

The best pizza I have eaten is at Mama Melrose.


This may sound wierd, But I really think the ones from the All Stars resort was excellent.


Thanks, guys!!! Any suggestions would be great.

I don’t mind exotic pizza, just do not put mushrooms on it!


Good question Erin. We usually don’t eat pizza at WDW - and I don’t know why. We should, the kids would like it.


We are planning a short trip in late January and we want pizza for dinnah.


Mmmmmm…I luv pizza fo dinnah! :laugh:


Dinnah want you blow,
Dinnah want you blow,
Dinnah want you blow you hor -or- orn!

lol Kids really change the way you think. lol


Wolfgang at DtD is very good…Tigger out.


Tigger IN! :c)

ROFL, I think you guys are the best.


I don’t know where the best pizza is, but it darn sure isn’t at Pizza Planet in MGM…


We like the flatbreads at Mama’s as well… but I think that the only pizza that we’ve ever tried at WDW. Weird.



We’re the same - and I don’t know why. We did try Wolfgang Puck’s once and I thought it was good - but it isn’t “pizza” in the “Pizza Hut” sense…


I’m from NY and we have some great pizza here! So I usually don’t eat pizza while at WDW…

I have tried pizza at Rainforest Cafe and it wasn’t good. :huh: I also wasn’t thrilled with Wolfgang Puck’s.


Erin, where is Giordano’s? Is it near WDW??


It’s on Irlo Bronson, and I STRONGLY suggest you try it!! It’s VERY good, and the restaurant has the nicest atmosphere…
unless, you’re used to that kind of thing, but here where I live, we don’t have like…Italian Pizzerias!


We always eat outside of the World (since we have timeshare off-site) and we are always looking for something new! Where on Irlo Bronson is it? Thanks for the info! :wink:


Thank Goodness!!! I thought you were going to say it was good and then all of my suspicions about you would have ben confirmed…you know…that you ARE a looney tune!! :tongue: :angel:


ERIN??? Is that really you??? Posting on the OTHER side??? How does it feel to be out of CC? Weird, huh?! :tongue: :wub:


DH loves the pizza at the Pepper Market in Coronado Springs Resort. Off-site we love Uno’s right near Old Town.