Oh What a Wonderful Trip Report!


Me - Beth
DH - Todd
DS - Joey (17 yrs)

We’re back. Can’t believe that week went by sooooo fast! I have to tell you, this trip was WONDERFUL! The weather was perfect, low 90’s, not so bad humidity for September, and sunny, sunny, sunny. Not one drop of rain! And, no incidents of “goofy people.”

My older Son, Matthew, was suppose to go, but cancelled last minute because of some things going on with his college classes that he couldn’t miss, so I was bummed out about that, but proud that he was responsible enough to get his priorities in line. (Mom, if you are reading, sorry we didn’t tell you. Didn’t want you to get worried about Matthew being home, while you were out of town yourself!:wub:)

[B][U]Saturday, 9/10/11[/U][/B]
The plane was full going there, and we were the lucky ones to have two ACTIVE AND LOUD boys behind us, with the Mom, louder than the boys. The husband tried a couple of times to quiet them down, but I truly believe he gave up half way through. Of course, kicking of the seats was to be included with the screaming all 2 hours and 15 minutes we were in the air. I thought, oh boy, if this is going to be the start of our trip, how is the rest going to be. Well I’ll tell you, we got all the garbage out of the way, because the rest of the trip was great!

We arrived at Animal Kingdom Lodge - Jambo House to the delight of our room being ready, and in the area we requested. It was almost at the end of the longest hallway, but that doesn’t bother us, as its much more quiet and the views are great. We were hungry after getting up so early, so headed out to the Mara for a chicken pita (yummy!) Afterwards, Joey (ds) decided to take a quick nap while Todd and I headed to the parks. This is where I have to confess I honestly can’t remember too much, as I didn’t take notes and left the camera behind in the room. We originally were heading to AK, but ended up at MK and was having a great time. Got a call from Joey, telling us he went to MK. Laughed that we ended up in the same place, found each other, and continued on with the fun.


Sunday, 9/11/11
We decided to stay away from MK, seeing it was 9/11 and thinking if anything would happen, it probably would happen there. (It’s a shame nowdays you have to think that way.) We decided on Epcot. Security was unbelievable. There were security with canines, and they were especially strigent in looking in the bags in the security lines. Usually a quick glance, and you’re in. Not this day. Every single zipper opened, items pulled out and looked at. It certainly made me feel much better that they were taking this day so seriously.

As you can see from a couple of pictures Todd took, the weather was perfect (don’t look at the date stamp. I didn’t know it was on, and my time was off, so the date is a day off):


Again, being so relaxed on this trip, not having any type of schedule, the remainder of the day was fuzzy. So, I’ll give you a few more pictures to show the day. The last couple of pictures shows the only threat of weather we would have. The camera really didn’t catch it, but the clouds had the most beautiful electric storm in them. Lightening was flashing within the clouds. Really cool to look at, and everyone kind of stopped in their tracks to watch.


Great start! Looking forward to more!


We love AKV. To us it just seems to peaceful.


I am pretty sure those clouds were right over my house :mickey:

Keep it up…don’t poop out on us like others have recently :tongue:


Great TR so far:mickey: At the parents who had such bad kids, I would have said loud enough for them to hear …insert your child’s name, thank goodness you never acted like that on a plane we may have had to visit the restroom for a heart to heart:pirate:


I love trip reports with Pictures. I am so happy the weather was good to you. Keep the report coming. :mickey:


Terrific start! Beautiful pictures. Anxiously awaiting more!


looks like beautiful weather, can’t wait to see more


I have always wanted to stay at AKL. Love your pictures! Anxiously awaiting more TR:happy:


I am REALLY enjoying all these TR’s. It is getting me ready for my trip in october. I love the pictures and boy that is nice that you did not have any bad issues with anything. Thats what makes wonderful times in Disney.:mickey:


Monday, 9/1/11
We started the day at AK. Hit Expedition first. Total walk on. This was the theming for the entire trip (except Monday night at MK with the parade). No more than 10 minute waits everywhere. It was a dream come true! After that, walked on to the Safari. The animals were pretty active today. As you can see by the attached pictures, they were all hanging out very close to the road where the safari trucks traveled. We even got delayed by an ostrich who felt the road belonged to him, and began following the truck in front of us!


After the safari, we ended up in Dinoland where it is a requirement for me to have my favorite snack at Dino Bites, a homemade ice cream sandwich. Todd was having some fun with Pluto also!


We headed back to our room to pick up Joey. As I mentioned before, we were very happy to get our room request. We like it in the smaller savannah, where it is much less “busy” than the main inner circle savannah. Here’s some pictures of our view. I’ve included one with the rails so you can see what I would see when sitting down, enjoying a nice glass of wine!


Here’s a few more from our room (I could sit here all day long!!!):


We decided for lunch it was time for Earl of Sandwich. One of our most favorite places to eat, but least favorite to get to. Being at one end of the “World” at AKL, and heading to DTD takes a little while to get there. The ride home takes even longer seeing the bus stops at a water park also. But, Earl is worth the inconvenience. I do have the say the buses were AWESOME this trip. Every single time (really!) as we were walking up to the bus stop, our bus would either be there, or just pulling up. We were giggling by the end of the trip because we couldn’t believe it would constantly happen each and every time. The last picture I had to take for my Sister (who goes with me and my Mom once a year). She loves Donald, and you don’t see him too often. This was in the pin shop across from Earl.


Those sandwiches look so good!


To end the day, we headed over to MK. There were only two nights that had the Electric parade and fireworks, Monday and Wednesday. Seeing we were meeting my Brother and SIL at Boma Wednesday night, Monday was our only day to see the parade. I believe every single person there that week had the same thoughts because boy was it crowded. I have no pictures, as I left my camera behind again. (You see, the week before we left, I threw my back out and it was doing fine until I ran to a bus and it got irritated again. Carrying anything was pulling on my back, so gave up the camera lots of times by the end of the day.) This was the one true time I regreted not having the camera. For dinner we ate at Peco Bills, outside where the parade would pass by. In looking across the street while we were eating, the rope was really filling up. So, we decided to stay put, and watch the parade through the picket fence separating us from our table and the street. By the time the parade came through, there was only a handful of people by us, and all were standing on the ledge overlooking the fence. No one said anything to them, so we hopped up there also. Front row seats! As the floats came by, we got a lot of attention as there wasn’t too many people on our side. The float with the Step Sisters came by and the one in pink (too lazy to look her name up right now) looked at me and yelled out “Hey, look at the two of us. You are wearing the same color pink as I am.” And then she did the two fingers pointing at her eyes, and then pointing to me, back and forth, saying something like “We’re two of a kind.” It was so fun! In fact, it seemed like the cast members were relieved it wasn’t crowded and were having so much interaction with the guests. This wasn’t the first time we had great conversations with cm’s in character. They were so fun this trip! We then stayed for the fireworks. On my last trip, I found a new place to view them, near the Dumbo ride. It’s empty back there and they go off right over your head. Afterwards, the park was already closed, so we took our time heading to the front, as we knew it would be bad getting to the busses. Well, we didn’t wait enough and by the time we got to the front, and just past the exit, there was no way out and no where to move. It was a total mass of people. Took about an hour to get to the bus. Total madhouse, but again, the surrounding people were great. Even though we were packed like sardines, everyone was looking out for the strollers, and talking and guiding each other to open pockets. I know it sounds funny, but it was a good experience, seeing people behave and laughing along with everyone because were were all stuck in the same mess.


Dino Bites? Why have I never heard of these? Looks like there is something new that we’ll be enjoying during our next visit. Those sandwiches look delish!

How nice that everyone behaved so nicely during the crowded departure from MK after the fireworks. What a lovely change of attitude!:smile: