Oh Yea! I got GREAT ADR's


Set the alarm and got up at 6:55 (on my day off) because today is my 90th day out!

I was so worth it. I got all planned ADR’s.

Nov. 13 Kona

Nov. 14 California Grill for DD and her BF
Polynesian Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show for DH and me

Nov. 15 Cryatal Palace 9:00 am breakfast

Nov. 16 Boma

Nov. 17 Ohana

Nov. 18 LE CELLIER :wub: :goofybounce:


Good for you!! Now you can sit back and relax!


Doing a happy dance for you!


Yummy, that’s going to be some good eating!


You really got some great ones! Congratulations!!!


Great job! Congratulations. You got great choices!


Great! Making ADR’s is definitely a highlight of the planning process and it’s even better when you get just what you wanted!


It’s always such a relief to get that done and especially when you get everything you wanted! Congrats!


Yes, the only thing I had to change from my original choice was switching LeCellier and Kona. Wanted LC for the first night there but nothing available,but that is no big deal All my times are within 10 minutes, or right on the choice times too.

Have my airfare purchased for trip home, but need for trip down - isn’t this the most important? but SW hasn’t had a special on it yet, and feel there is plenty of time to wait it out. Otherwise!

YES, all the main stuff is planned. Nothing to do but the packing and arriving!


Yum! Have a piece of pretzel bread for me at Le Cellier!


GREAT ADRs!!! CONGRATS!!! :happy:


Great choices, so glad you got what you wanted! I love it when that happens! You’ll definatly be getting some good grub on the trip!


My DD has never gone under the dining plan so they are all new for her. It will be exciting seeing her respond to wonderful things like:

Le Cellier Mushroom Filet Mignon
Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup (I know it’s not included but have to have it!)
Canadian Chocolate Moose

Zebra Domes

'Ohana bread pudding served a la mode with Bananas and Caramel Sauce


Great choices!! When we are at Le Cellier I’ll have to try this soup!


Definitely get a cup or bowl. It is WONDERFUL. Nothing finer than dipping the pretzel bread in the soup!:wub:


So glad you were able to get all you wanted. I am still working on 1 night for our trip. I waited too late, I called one week past when I could have first called & now I’m having issues. Good for you for doing this so early.


Yay for great ADRs!!


Okay, now you’re just making me hungry!


You got LeCellier? Good for you.

I know someone who is going to be really mad…


I was lucky too to get my ADR’s on Saturday. I was worried because I had to wait until 7am to call.

I got:
11/13 Trails End
11/14 Tusker House
11/14 Garden Grill
11/15 50’s Cafe
11/15 France
11/17 Whispering Canyon
11/18 Rose and Crown
11/19 Coral Reef
11/19 House of Blues
11/20 Le Cellier
11/21 Ohana’s Breakfast