OH YEAH! I'm going again, sooner than expected!


We have already planned going again October 2008 but DH told me today to make plans to go in March for DD’s spring break!:biggrin: :goofybounce: :cheshire: :wub: So it looks we will be there March 21-25 at the Coronado Springs. This is the only moderate we haven’t tried so we thought we would give it a go this time. It is a short trip during a holiday but hey I’M GOING TO WDW! It will be a surprise for DD! It will be DS’s second trip and he will be 14 months old.


Oh that is awesome… we are planning to be there for Spring break also!


Oh we will also be celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary which is March 20! We honeymooned in WDW so that makes it even more AWESOME!


YEE-HAW!! So exciting!


Congratulations on another trip.

Our kids are going to have such great memories of family vacations and I hope they pass that love on when they grow up and have families.


Very Cool!!!


oops…double post! THat’s just how excited I am for you.


How exciting!!! YAY!


That’s awesome!


Yay, fantastic news. I wonder what you’ll think of the Coronado.


How exciting!! Congratulations!!


I stayed at the CS last Dec . . . nice, big, fun pool for the kids!! But, bring a stroller, cuz it’s a BIG place and a LONG walk to everywhere . . . altho they do have golf carts that drive around to pick u up if u need them too!!


I’m so excited for you. Congrats


That is great news! Congratulations:)


Hey, those are the dates we’re looking at… well, probably March 22 to 30 (21st is an inclement weather make-up day, so it all depends on if we have ice or not… not likely, but you never know).

Well, glad you get some WDW in sooner than you thought!


Thanks y’all! I’m just giddy! It will be so hard to keep it under wraps. Our plan is to pick Emilie up at school on that Thursday and hit the road. We will have the car all packed. When she says where are we going we’ll say WDW!


that is awesome! congrats! i would be excited, too if i were going so soon like that. but my DH would know to plan the trip the week of my birthday: march 12.