Oh yes, oh yes...it's official!


Dznygrl and Mr. Incredible are FINALLY going to WDW! :biggrin:

And in 26 days, no less!!!

The bug bit hard and I decided I couldn’t wait until September…so I begged and pleaded until DH gave in to TWO trips this year!

We are going February 4th-8th just to satisfy my urge with a quick trip. I don’t know where we’re staying yet (see my thread: booking problems :laugh:) but our flight is paid for and we’re otherwise set to go.

HOORAY! Just had to share. :happy:


HURRAY!!! congrats!! good luck with the booking issues!


Congrats!!! I cna’t wait to hear the details!!


Congrats, can’t wait to hear about all of your plans.


Woohoo! Have fun! I like trips done on the spur of the moment b/c you don’t have months and months to wait…lol! I know all too well the feeling of needing to go NOW! I have patiently waited over 3 years since we’ve been to WDW and DH finally caved and said we could go in June! I feel like it is so far away and will never get here.


Hurray for you!


i am SOOOOOOOOOO flipping excited!!!
Charge the camera…buy some comfy shoes!! I can’t wait for this TR!!!


I just bought some super-comfy Skechers sneakers last night, and I got a new camera for Christmas! :laugh: I’m set to jet!!!


Wow!!! What great and unexpected news!!!


Congrats!!! I hope you have a wonderful trip!!!


That is just FANTASTIC!!! So exciting!!!


That is wonderful news! Is Alli coming along, or is this an adults only trip? 2 trips, so cool!

Have an amazing time.


Oh I forgot I should have addressed that issue…Ali will be staying home this time, this will be an adults-only trip. But depending how we feel after this one, she may come along for the trip in September. :happy:


If anyone deserves 2 trips in one year it is you!! How exciting!! Can’t wait to read your trip report!!!


Thank you everyone for sharing in my excitement with me! :happy:

Okay, we have a resort booked…we will be staying at All-Star Music! :heart:


We’ll be there too!!! February 3rd-7th!!!

We’re you able to book the 7th too?


An adults-only trip? Awesome!


I know you’ll miss her, but try to enjoy the private time together.


It’s hard not to! :wub:

Shame you didn’t decide to go earlier for your fix to Disneyland this last December, though… :crying:

There was a meet & greet and everything! :happy:


Glad you got booked!! Did you have to call or did it work out online?