O'Hana breakfast


My DD has suddenly decided that she loves Stitch:confused: She wants to have breakfast with them when we go in Dec. My question is…did they change the breakfast when they changed the characters to Lilo & Stitch? I know that they made some changes in the dinner menu over the last year or two, but what about the breakfast? Who else is with Lilo & Stitch?


I do no know what the B fast before L&S, but it was very good last year. Mickey Minnie and Pluto were there as well. I’ll say it was one of the best character interactions we have ever experienced. L & S spend a long time at our table - and my guys are not little children any more. Stitch was hamming it up w/me at times. It was a very fun breakfast.


We went to the breakfast and its Lilo, Stitch, Mickey, and Goofy, and lots of fun with great food and drink. Actually its the only requested breakfast from my 13yr old boy, and 11 year old girl.


I just made the decision to check out this character breakfast when I go with my children in November. What helped me decide was not only the positive feedback I got here on MB but I also went to allears.net and looked at the menu as well as the reviews. My children are not that small either and they’re both looking forward to it!


We attended our first Ohana Breakfast last Sept. It was wonderful (of course, the company was wonderful! Dana, dhoughton and HoneyBear). The food was delicious especially the crispy, crispy bacon! There were Mickey Waffles, scrambled eggs, sausages, that delicious pineapply-coconut bread, croissants and sweet rolls. I’m not a fan of buffets. Here you could have all you wanted, but they brought it to your table, family-style. And there was A LOT! Stitch was crazy, Lilo was adorable and a good time was had by all!


We loved the breakfast here! It was pre-plated served family style. I can’t remember exactly what, but I remember it being really good. Stitch and Lilo came to each table. Then they had had all the kids march in a parade around the restaurant led by Mickey and gave all the kids maracas to the L&S song “Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride”! DD loved it!


We went last Sunday . . . and it was still AWESOME!! There is a conga line for the kids . . . Stitch is super crazy!! And Mickey and Pluto are fun too! Ditto to the above PLUS yummy “Lilo” Juice and a wonderful view of Magic Kingdom and the grounds at the Poly!! They also added a photo shoot before hand, like at Chef Mickeys . . . everyone is given a lei to wear, and they take a cute picture. You can take your own too or purchase the package (1 8x10, 4 4x4s for $30)

I have a TR to write . . . I’ll have pics in that . … coming soon!! :blush:


Congos and a parade, with specialty bread and papaya like juice, great service and very festive. They bring you large link sausages, bacon, biscuits, and scrambled eggs.


The food was great. The last time I went,it took the characters over an hour to come to my table.


The food in October is exactly as you heard from everyone else For us it was Stitch, Lilo, Pluto, Goofy, and Mickey I believe. It will always be Lilo & Stitch but the others will change. It was a really great time as well as great food. Their special juice was great but if you don’t like it they’ll get you something else. We had the charecters come just as we were getting ready to leave. They circle the rest. and so it just depends where they were last before you were seated. You could get lucky and be the next person right as you sit down. You can always let the waiter know your ready to get going and they’ll have them come by.


We had a fantastic breakfast and an equally fantastic server there on our last trip. Servers kept coming around with fresh waffles, potatoes, juice, whatever you needed. The character interaction was great. I think almost every time we have had a character meal, it has taken at least an hour, in order for us to see all the characters, but, that’s fine with us, since we plan on it. :slight_smile: