Ohana for Kids?


My family is going to disney world this December. My husband and I have three boys ages 9,5, and 4. We are staying at the Contemporary. These are the restaurants we picked for the evenings: Chef Mickey’s, 1900 Park Fare, Hoop De Doo, Sci Fi Dine Inn, Liberty Tree Tavern, and Whispering Canyon. I want to eat the O’hana meal at the Polynesian but I could not fit it into our schedule. Should I replace one of the restaurants mentioned above for the O’hana meal? Please, keep in mind that my kids are picky eaters. Thank you for your help.


I think what you have is great. Ohana is nice but so are all the places you picked. I have brought my kids to some of the places you are going to but not Ohanas for dinner, only the character breakfast there. I dont think my kids would be as thrilled about the dinner so we go when its just DH and me. Im sure your kids will love what you have picked.


You have some great places picked. Make sure you take your camera to Whispering Canyon. They do a Pony Express race with the kids and then (don’t tell your DH) they have the men do a special little song and dance. I have the best picture of my 16yo DS doing that.


You may want to try Sci-Fi for lunch, if you need an opening. Since you are in a drive-in and the it’s night time…all the time…have a wonderful lunch. keep in mind at the Sci-Fi you sit 2 in a seat, one in front of another, unless you seat in the back area where there are tables. Plus it’s a bit less in the afternoon.


Ohana’s is the best kids’ restaurant at WDW!!! They have coconut “sweeping games” and all kinds of crazy things for the kids to do! Plus, the food is terrific, and the atmosphere is even better! If I were a family travelling with three boys, I would cancel 1900 Park Fare in favor of Ohana’s ABSOLUTELY. Our experience has been that 1900 Park Fare is a good buffet, but it is more attractive to girls (Mary Poppins theming, etc…), whereas the Ohana’s theme is great for boys!
As for your kids being picky eaters, don’t worry! The Ohana food is familiar, kid-friendly and plentiful!


I would swap Sci-Fi for O’hanna’s in a New York minute. O’hanna’s is EXCELLENT! picky eaters shouldn’t have any problems there…my and my DD did fine and we are pretty picky. They do coconut races and hula hoop contests for the kids…tons of fun for the entire family. If you time it right, you can view wishes from either the restaurant or the beach at the Polynesian.


You will love Whispering Canyon!!! It is great!!! I hear O’hana’s is great too, but maybe you could catch it next time!!!


We just got back yesterday. We did Hoop de doo (LOVED IT, as always), Chef Mickeys for breakfast , and Ohanas for dinner. My 5 and 9 year olds did not like it. My 14 yr old liked the food but does not really eat that much, so I think it was kind of a waste of money to have to pay the adult price for her. I would go again with just DH, as we loved it, but the 3 DD were much happier at more casual places.


We took our 3 yr old DD to Ohana 2 years ago. As far as the menu, they had a “kid” menu (chick nuggets, mac & cheese, etc) so she didn’t have to eat what we did (which was delicious by the way!). The entertainment was great! She learned hula dancing, rolling the coconut and did other games (can’t quite remember what they were) the worst part was trying to get her to sit back down and eat!!! I agree with someone else’s comment about 1900 Park Fare for boys - was defiantely more girly, but buffet was good. They will LOVE Whispering Canyon, its so fun for the kids. The horse races were the best. You have all great choices - but left out my favorite - Crystal Palace. Even if your kids aren’t into Pooh and friends the buffet is great for kids and for adults as well!!! Have a great time!


I think Ohana is great, but I don’t consider it a “must see.” I like your plan.

I’d probably agree with Dana, but I’m biased because I’m not really a big fan of MGM. I like to get in, do what I’m gonna do and get out. So, if you’re going to switch anything for Ohana, definately consider swapping the Sci Fi.


One more thing. For boys that age, the comments about the 1900 are pretty right on. But, I think you’d all love Narcoosee’s and the boys would love the floating electric parade on the lagoon after dinner. If the 4 yo is up for a 7:30 dinner seating, I’d go with Narcoosee’s over the 1900.


Thanks for all the advice. I think I will definitely work O’hana’s back in there. I would feel like I was missing something if I didn’t. I can’t wait to eat at Whispering Canyon so I will definitely keep that in there. I may take off 1900 Park Fare. I put it in there because one of my DS loves the “girls”. He is so funny. I am going to try my hardest to get the Cinderella’s Castle breakfast so hopefully he will see them there. Thanks for everyone answering this thread - it really has helped me make my decision.


My kids are picky eaters too and they hated O’Hanas. Although they could have gotton alternate food, and did, if I recall, it was the usual hotdogs or pbj’s, I think.

On top of being picky they’re also shy, and O’hanas is nice and rowdy, in a fun way, but my two did NOT want to be involved. They watched a bit from the side,and enjoyed themselves, but they left hungry. Although we did get to see the volcano pool! I would stick with what you have!



Our girls hated Ohana. They were 5 & 7 when we went. Our waiter fussed at them until they cried–all because they thought the shrimp were too spicy. We weren’t offered the kids meal until we were ready for dessert, when our waiter not so politely inquired why we were letting them have dessert when they had not eaten their dinner.

The food was overcooked and dry. Waiter was snotty and condescending. In spite of the coconut race, I just think the restaurant is better suited to adults.

We did 1900 Park Fare, and the girls loved it with Cinderella, Prince Charming and the mice. Also, there were items on the buffet that everyone liked. Your boys, being boys, might prefer Liberty Tree Tavern in MK for Mickey & friends.

Just our experience. We’re trying Whispering Canyon during our Dec trip.


O.K., after reading the last two threads - now I am really confused, again.
1900 Park Fare or O’hana’s. My kids can be pretty rowdy - so, I think they would get involved but I don’t want them to leave hungry. Decisions, Decisions.


I wouldn’t worry about them leaving Ohana’s hungry.

The kids’ activities aren’t non-stop and the food is mostly finger food and really easy to eat. There will be plenty of time for eating.

Do Ohanas, definately worth it.