'Ohana Reservation


Hello everyone! I am about to cancel my reservations that were made before we decided to do counter service only. I have a reservation for 4 people at 'Ohana for this Saturday the 29th. It is at 5:15pm. Before I cancelled I thought I would ask, because I know 'Ohana can be difficult to get.


OOHHH I wish it was for the week we are there :frowning: I am trying so hard to get one, but this isn’t the time for me. Hopefully someone will snatch this up! Nice of you to offer!!


Wow, wish this was the first week of December. We have been to Ohana many many times (one of my top favorites) and have never had a single problem getting it in the month of June. However, that doesn’t seem to hold true the first week of December… wow.


Good luck to you too then…I am still trying. I taught DD10 how to call disney dining, so I am making her try for me too!