Who’s been in the past couple of weeks? The updated menu (from 10/08) at allearsnet shows the potatoes back on the menu. We went there after that and they were gone. The waitstaff mentioned to more than one person that the guests have been asking for them. I’m curious to see if they have since been resumed.


I’m curious, too!


We were just there last week and my family doesn’t seem to remember any potatoes. We ate at alot of places, so it kinda blends together. But the 4 of us think they haven’t added potatoes back to the menu. Sorry! The wontons/potstickers are really good tho!


Potatoes or no potatoes, Ohanas has to be the best place in DW to eat!


It’s one of my family’s most favorite restaurants! So YUMMY!!


I would love to know this too. We will be there in…hmmmmm…38 days…so I’ll let you know! I may even bring back a photo or two. :biggrin:


Ill be there myself next week. Hoping to see those yummy potatoes


Ate there on 11/24/08 and the potatoes were great.:smile:


Ate there Nov2 and had the noodles.They were OK.


Are you talking about the au gratin potatoes? The last time we went there (in '06) they weren’t there but the first time we were there (05) they were there and they were excellent! I was SAD when they were taken off the menu.


I had them in 06 and in 07.

R2G had them at the end of November.

I’m taking this as a very good sign!

Those are some freaky-great potatoes!


We ate there on 12/22 along with the goofy family and we didn’t get potatoes :frowning:


I know they werent there in August but it sounds like there back due to popular demand which is great by us, we love Ohana


Okay. Now I’m really confused.:blink:
Someone else who ate there a few days before Christmas told me NO potatoes.

Are they just messing with us?


The breakfast potatoes better still be on the menu they were the best Id had on property in Aug! Tempted to try and make my own version of them at home!


Excuse me? you MAY bring back A photo or 2? what??? i excpect lots and lots of food pics MM!!!:wub:


I could swear that we had potatoes at Ohana!! Of course, there was so much food on the table, I could be remembering wrong:pinch:


In Sept. there were no potatoes. I missed them. I think we had some noodles instead.


You know…the more we think about it…I think that it was noodles that they served. :huh: We did have potatoes somewhere…I just don’t know where:blink: Sorry about the misinformation…well…sorry that I gave Mr. Go the misinformation to pass on:blush:


I’m hoping for noodles…I just don’t think the other foods served at Ohana go well with potatoes…:huh: