If anyone has breakfast reservations for 9/28-9/30 or 10/2 that they are planning on canceling…can you let me know. I am in DESPERATE need of one! My bf loves Stitch! Thanks! :blush:


I don’t but good luck and keep trying everyday till your trip. People cancel all the time and you never know when you will snag a rese!



I love it. This is a great way to get an unwanted res.


I love this place for breakfast. I would keep calling every single day untill they get sick and tired of you calling and just offer you a spot


I would just go there and see if they accomodate you. Since it is only 2 you never know. We tried last year for Le Cellier and no go…until we got there…and viola…a tbale for 4 within 15 minutes!! Goodluck!


Oh, I fully intend on calling EVERY day lol =0) Thanks yall!


OMG! Just went to disneyworld.com and was able to grab one for 945am on 9/29! Its a bit later than I wanted…but thats AOK with me!


Congratulations! Try showing up early and see if they can get you in, you may get lucky again.


actually its 1045am! that puts a damper on my plans lol…but its EMH that day at DHS where we intended on going… I will just cancel my lunch res’ and make them for a later time! Hopefully. Plus, my BF hated that we were using 2 credits to eat at the Hollywood brown derby! lol


Congrats on getting the ADR.


Thanks. It totally changed my days around tho. Now we are doing DHS on Monday, AK on Tuesday, (since the ADR is for 1045, we opted to do the park we didn’t really care about), Epcot on wed, and MK on Thurs since we are doing MNSSHP that day. a full day in the park. Plus, since we will be there late, maybe we will sleep in a bit! =)