Ohana's at the Polynesian Resort


Alright I just decided to start a Ohana’s thread, considering it’s a simply amazing restaurant. Anyways, considering i’m a newbie, i might as well, right? hehe. Well We’ve (my family and i) have gone to Ohana’s the past 3 times we’ve gone to WDW, and we always love it. The food they make is simply mouth watering, and the drinks aren’t bad either. mmmm pina colodas. But another aspect is about 8:00 pm, you can go outside to the beach that looks over the lake and you can sit down in beach chairs and watch the light show on the lake. It’s really neat. But don’t forget to bring a sweatshirt! It gets a bit nippy. So i just wanted to know…How many of you all have been to Ohana’s. Did you enjoy it? :pirate:


Went there for the first time this past November…LOVED IT! I don’t know how we missed it before…Thank goodness for DC!
The food is yummy…especially dessert:) Oh and the Lapu Lapus!!!


makes me wanna go back again. Oh and the head chef (i dunno if you saw him, he was the really large african american man) and he’s from Louisiana. He specifically came to our table and gave us his recipe for one of the desserts. I can’t even remember the name! AGH! oh well. He’s a really nice dude.


I’m a fan. I’ve only been once, but it’s in the plan to go again!


We make it a point to go to Ohana every time we visit WDW. DH loves tha Lapu Lapu and the Mai Tai is pretty tasty too. DD loves the coconut race!


We loved the character breakfast! :slight_smile:

Welcome to DC! Yay! A fellow Pocky fan!! :happy: I love Pocky!! (Everyone loves Pocky. As you can see here, even zombies love Pocky!)

let’s Pretz!


oh my GOD! That commercial is brilliant!!! I love it!. Ah god…gotta love Pocky and Ramen.


My husband and I were driving
around yesterday looking for a place to eat
dinner and he says “If we had our own plane
we could fly to Florida and eat at Ohana’s”
I said would’nt that be nice :happy:

My Family loves Ohana’s
We make sure we vist everytime
last time we went twice in one week :tongue:
Which we’ve never done before

Love it!! Love it!! :wub:


2 times in one week? Well i’m not sure i’d be able to do that…but it is a wonderful restaurant.

Photographic proof I was at the Polynesian Resort:


We love Ohanas. We pretty much go there every trip, if time allows. It’s become a tradition now.

Welcome to DC!


I have been to Ohana’s a few times and loved it :wub: . The food was delicious. I would eat at Ohanas again.


Welcome Pocky and Iago’sGirl!!! Chastmastr and I loved O’hana’s for breakfast, haven’t tried it for dinner!!! Looking forward to it!!!


Great pic PockyMuncher :happy:

Here is my littlest with his Ohana snowcone bucket

Hi!! and thanks for the Welcome quakercub :happy:


awesome pic Iaigo’s Girl! Gotta say, it sure does look like she’s enjoying herself. :cool:


'Ohana is a must do for us each trip, it’s a family favorite.


We went on our last trip for the first time and we loved it! Just like you, we love everything about it. We had a great table witha view of the castle. It was awesome !


yeah the first time we went we had an AWESOME window seat. We managed to watch the castle change color and then we went outside on the sand and watched the fireworks. Great stuff.


I’ve never been, but we’re going next month!!! I can’t wait!


I know I’ve never done Ohanas, and I don’t think my parents did either… my dad wanted to take us there on our last trip two years ago but…I guess it didn’t work out.

Ohanas in December/Christmas? Is it really that good? I don’t know why I’m such a skeptic…maybe going to the actual STATE of Hawaii? :laugh: I don’t know…


:tongue: :tongue: And if you didn’t mention them, Peppertink, you know I would have!! :tongue: :tongue: