Ohana's Breakfast


I have to rave about this character breakfast. We did it yesterday morning with our 4 yr old(who loves Stitch) and our 7 month old. We’ve done character breakfasts with the kids(including the baby) before and the characters will pat the baby on the head or give a little smooch, but the Mickey at Ohana’s was truely great. When dd saw him she wanted to grab and go after him and Mickey encouraged it, let her pound on his face, grab him, chew on his nose, then he knelt down and even held her, sat her on his knee and held her(nobody has ever held her before). She just loved him. The food was great, Stitch pulled ds onto the parade with him and ds felt like a king getting to march next to him and hold his hand. This had to be our favorite character meal. I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of going!


I agree this is a great character breakfest we did it last year for the 1st time and while I have been setting up reservations as a matter of fact my DW just a minute ago aske to make sure I have already reserved this breakfest for whe we are there in Oct. I made the reservation for the morning we are scheduled to leave. but a good way to say goodbye until next time.


Thanks for the review! I have yet to dine here, but this restaurant is definitely at the top of my list for places to book on my next trip.


So glad you had a good time! We’ve had a couple of character meals where the characters were especially good. I really loved it, though, when the kids were very small and they were really sweet and playful with them.


My DW and DS will be eating there again this year. This will be there 3rd time there. They love the food and the whole experience.


Oh I agree, we really enjoy the food, and it’s so much fun to watch the characters interact with the children.


nice to read such a happy post


Thank you so much for posting this. We have this booked before our Typhoon Lagoon day and I was actually thinking of cancelling due to the commute time from Pop to O’Hanas. Definitely won’t be cancelling now. I didn’t even know Mickey was there either. That is great since the other character meals we have booked do not have Mickey…(Hollywood and Vine and Crystal Palace)
Thanks again.


I really need to read more carefully. I could have sworn it said “Obama’s breakfast”.


You just don’t listen when others are talking…


I agree. We just did this breakfast last week and also really enjoyed it. We did it on our first morning, and it was a great way to start the trip. Pluto was down on the floor and took DD4 into his arms. He smothered her in a huge hug and she came out all smiles. I have a picture and all you can see of her are her calves and feet sticking out between his legs! I’ll try to post it (as soon as I get all of my photos downloaded!)


Yay! This is one of our character meals this trip, too! We have only done CM and are really looking forward to this meal and 1900 Park Fare, our other character breakfast. We, too, are doing this on a water park day, but I think we will drive our car to the Poly then to the wp to cut down on the commute. I am so glad we were able to get this ADR!


Love that pineapple bread there!! It is our fav too…the characters are fun and the food…the taters and everthing!


I can promise you I would have never gone to something like that :mellow:


We’ve booked Ohana’s for breakfast so many times and so many time’s we’ve canceled it! We have never made it there…one day we will!


So is more than Lilo & Stitch? we’ve never done this- in fact, I’ve always avoided it since my kids aren’t really into Stitch…maybe I’ve made a mistake??:confused:


I believe it’s Mickey, Pluto, Lilo, and Stitch.


That’s correct! Mickey is in a hawaiian shirt with a lei. Pluto, Lilo, and Stitch are also there.


That’s a picture from last year since I haven’t downloaded any from last week yet. The characters also do a little parade around Ohana with all of the kids every 45 min., which the kids enjoy. They each get a maraca to shake while they march.


Obama got these after his breakfast at Ohana- (see photo below)

Sorry to hijack a bit :slight_smile:

Btw- I LOVE Ohana b-fast! It is our favorite too.
I agree, the characters seem to interact alot there compared to other meals. I am glad your little ones had so much fun!