Ohana's for Dinner


Ohanans for dinner what can anyone tell me about this restaurant? We are traveling with a 6 year old, I understand there is no characters for dinner time.


The Kigers


No characters, but music, fun, maybe some games, maybe some hula… all in all, a good time. I think your 6 year old will enjoy it! I’m planning to take DS5.


Your six-year-old (and you!) will have a great time. 'Ohana is one of my favorites and we go every trip. For the kiddos, they have hula hoop contests, hula dancing, coconut races, and plenty of gummy worms!!


Thanks, I’m going to go book it!


My DD liked it. They have entertainment and really involve the kids ( if they want to be) And if they don’t like the menu, they do have children’s choices that are more to their liking.Plus, we had an awesome view of the castle from our table !Here is the menu courtesy Allearsnet.com.

'Ohana …a place of family, laughter and sharing …Hawaiian style.

Spend an Evening with Us and Experience an Unforgettable Event as We Celebrate the Meaning of Family.
Your waiter will entertain you with island wit and banter
as you are served from 3-foot skewers.

Food Served Family Style

Adults $25.99; Children 3-9 $11.99
Includes coffee, tea and soda

5:00pm to 10:00pm



Fried Wontons served with peanut sauce, chimichurri sauce and harissa
Mixed greens with a honey-lime dressing


Spicy-sweet and sour shrimp
Honey-coriander chicken wings

Prepared over an oak fire

Marinated Sirloin Steak
Asian Barbecue Pork Loin
Mesquite Grilled Turkey
Hawaiian Pork-sausage with pineapple terriyaki glaze


Maui Scalloped Potatoes
Stir-fried Vegetables


'Ohana bread pudding a la mode with Bananas Foster Sauce


It is maybe the tastiest, most fun dinner in all of WDW! Have a wonderful time!!! Hope your 6-year-old can use a broom!!! LOL!!!


I’m guessing you booked it.

Welcome to DC Stinkerbell.


Welcome to DC!!! :wub: We have Ohana (dinner) booked for our next trip with our DS3 - I am so excited!!! I am sure your family will enjoy it!!!


We LOVE 'Ohana!!! I went once before they changed the menu, and I was NOT impressed whatsoever. But I figured I’d give it another shot with the new menu, and boy am I glad I did! It is now a MUST DO for us every trip. It was one of the top 2 meals I have ever had at WDW! (Le Cellier being #1) Your 6 year old will have a BALL!!! We had a perfect view of the castle and Wishes fireworks…it was incredible. DS just turned 4 on our trip and he LOVED all the excitement of the restaurant. It was GREAT!!!



I love O’hanna for dinner. IT’s perfect for families. They have cocnut races and a hula hoop contest for the kiddos. It’s a wonderful meal and a good time. :heart:


We’re going here on the final night of our vacation. Then over to MK for a one last magical experience. The way everyone talks about O’Hana for dinner, I just know we’ll have a great time. We booked it for 5pm so we’ll be able to get over to MK and do some more of the favorite rides. Can’t wait!


You won’t be sorry. Perfect time for dinner there. The next best time being for the fireworks. I’d rather have the early dinner and get some last minute attractions in and see wishes up close and personal. I can’t wait to hear your opinion of Ohanna. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. My group of six is going to be doing that meal our first night.


Thanks! It took some talking DH into going there. I won! I kept on telling him, “it’s for the boys- they’ll have tons of fun.” The view is spectacular from O’Hana’s. We had breakfast there last year, and we’re doing that again this year. Stitch better be there!


Yes, for breakfast it’s mickey, pluto, stitch and lilo. I love their breakfast. IT’s not crowded and the one on one attention from the characters rocks. You are going to have a great time.


If you can, you simply MUST try a Lapu-Lapu! It’s a wonderful drink made in a hollowed out pineapple!

They’re (TOO!) good!

(When Peppertink reads this, I’m sure she will add her own thoughts on Lapu-Lapus! :wink: ) :tongue:


Mmmmm! Lapu-Lapu!! :wub:


We stayed at the Polynesian in 2003 and ate there with my parents my dh and my 2 kids (now there are 3 :angel: ) We had so much fun. OUr extremely shy daughter shocked us all by joining in with no prodding from us, for the hula hoop contest and the coconut race. The food was yumalicious!!!
Have fun


We had a lot of fun with our son (2 y/o at the time) last December. JD had lots of fun doing the hula and the coconut race. The host (the big Hawiain guy) was awesome singing Polynesian songs on his ukelele. It was so much fun…

Oh…and the food…AMAZING!!! This is my absolute favorite meal on Disney property… The food is AMAZING! There is just no other way to describe it. The meat is perfect, and the taters are out of this world… Oh, and the wing appetizer…I could go on and on… YUM!!!



Taters! That made me laugh! :tongue:


We tried Ohana for the first time on our last trip and loved it! The kids had a great time doing the hula, and playing the games. When DS wasn’t eating much, our server asked him what he would like to eat and brought him a large bowl of macaroni and cheese. That put a smile on DS’s face and made him feel special too. I think your DS will like it too.