Ohana's - MK Fireworks in Dec 2006


Does anyone know when the MK fireworks are during December? We want to make an ADR at Ohana’s again but I can’t remember what time we made them to watch the fireworks…2 years ago, when we were there last, is just way too far back for me to remember a detail like that.

And I would assume that the fireworks would be a different time on a regular MK night than a night when they host MVMCP, right?



I have no answers to your questions…sorry!!

But, I did want to say that I :heart: your avatar! I’m a scrapbooker too! :wink:


It depends on the time of the year for the fireworks - is the schedule up for MK yet?

MVMCP fireworks are different than wishes, yes :c)


You are not that far off from seeing this year’s park hours and event schedule. I would wait until they put them up and then make the ADR. I would say (going from past years hours) that if it’s in early December, the fireworks should be between 8-9pm. It depends again on the nights of the MVMCP. The schedule for the MVMCP is up…people are buying tickets. Check allears.net for the dates they are having it and go from there. You can always make your ADR for 7ish and then watch the fireworks from the Polynesian’s beach after.


Dana’s mostly right about times, usually in December, Wishes is either 8 or 9, but on weekends and as Christmas gets closer, you’ll start seeing Wishes at 10 as well. Viewing fireworks from the beach at the Poly is easy, and the view is pretty unobstructed. You will see almost everything you’d see if you were on Main Street. I know when we go in October, I can see Wishes and Illuminations in park on the same night, but you’ve really gotta haul butt on the monorails to do it. The Christmas party fireworks are probably on a similar schedule to Halloween, which happen most nights at 9:15.