Ohana's or Garden Grill?


Due to a change of plans, I need to change one of my ADR’s for Garden Grill. We are a party of 6, (DD14), (DD17), (DS19) and (DS21). So, now I have to make another reservation, I’m wondering whether to stick with Garden Grill or to swap to Ohana’s. Which one’s best? Do you feel dizzy at GG?


I’ve never been to Ohana’s, but Garden Grill is one of our favorites. It is a calmer character meal, and the restaurant turns so slowly that you don’t even notice it until you look up and realize the scenery has changed.


Ohannas is awesome for their food and a fun atmospher. I have never tried GG but we have been to Ohanna’s several times. It is one of our favorites.


I’ve been to both and would pick 'Ohana. Both are good but I think 'Ohana is better.


Never been to GG but we have 'Ohana’s booked 3 times this trip. During our 14 day trip we have one breakfast and 2 dinners there. Had to promise DH if we did the dining plan that he would get 2 dinners there


Never been to GG but LOVE Ohana! it is a must for me.


Oh my gosh, this is like comparing the sun to the moon. VASTLY different places. One is good, kind of neat, and sort of fun. One is fantastic, great atmosphere, and just amazing. Guess which? Seriously, do Ohana. It is phenomenal, fun, and if you time it right, you have a great view of the lake and fireworks. Ohana all the way! We would do both anytime, but if you have a choice of only just one, Ohana every time.


I have not been to Ohana, but I have been to the Garden Grill. The Garden Grill is awesome because they have Chip, Dale, Mickey and Minnie. Also, they have the most delectable food. It is all you can eat, but what is best is that it is NOT a buffet and you are not exposed to food that others have touched or sneezed or even coughed on. The server brings it to you. I promise you will be happy with the Garden Grill.


We have enjoyed both, but I think O’hana wins this one for us!


I think its hard to compare the two, we have been to both and had great times and not so great times at each. I would look at the menus for both, and decide which food appeals to you more. Keep in mind Garden Grill is a character meal, whereas Ohana (for dinner) is not.


The food at the Garden Grill was awsome and the it was neat with the characters walking around and it seemed that the characters could spend more time at the table with you an no you don’t get dizzy it moves very slow, but is neat as it turns and you can see protions of living with the land ride.


Kona Cafe at Poly would be my choice if it’s down to those locations.


One other thing to consider is that GG is in Epcot, so would be convenient on a park day. We are only doing restaurants in the parks this next trip because we decided we want to spend as much time in the parks as possible.


Yes, that is true. I have quite a lot of toing and froing to different places, so might be good to keep it in one of the parks. I am a little sad I can’t fit in Ohana’s tho. Just too many good places to eat in Disney!!


Just checked reservation times at both places.
If I want Ohanas, only time I can get is 4.30pm or 8.05 pm ;-(
If I take 8.05pm, I’d miss all the fun on the beach anyway wouldn’t I?
Or could I rush out halfway through the meal and pop back later?
Maybe that’s decided for me then? Or maybe the meal is worth it even if you don’t see the electrical parade? Or Wishes?
Garden Grill isn’t so crucial for times, and times ok on that one.


Ohana’s is fabulous but I understand the difficulty with those times :(- Garden Grill is nice and the tables revolve so slowly you hardly notice. I think you’d love Ohana and the Poly is so fabulous to look around the grounds and the pool too.


If you take the ohanas at 8:05 you may be able to see the fireworks. ask for a table near the window, it is worth waiting for. they pump the music in and the view is fantastic


I see you have two young men in your party. Ohana’s would definitely be a good choice if they are anyway like my two boys. The amount of meat you get is unbelievable. I rarely see my boys get “full” as they are eating machines. But, this restaurant delivers!


I booked the 8.05. I’ll keep trying between now and August to see if something earlier comes up. I will ask to sit near the window for the fireworks, but it was the electrical parade on the water around 9pm that I wanted to try and see too. Will I see that from the window too? I would love to be finished our meal by then, sipping a drink on the sand watching the world go by from the beach!


Hey Lindat,

I know your family will enjoy Ohana–large volumes of delicious food, especially meat! You could always show up at the registration desk a little earlier on that day to see if they could fit you in. I know that’s worked for some, but it’s not a guarantee.