Ohana's vs Cape May for Dinner


Not sure which one to pick. What are your thoughts?


To me, Ohanna is a huge part of our WDW trip and traditions. We have gone almost every single trip. It’s a great meal that both me and my DD can agree on and enjoy. I have booked Cape May twice and have cancelled both time scared to take the chance on a sea food buffet.


For me it boils down to variety.
Ohana is mostly meat. Lots and lots of meat.
Cape May a lot of different things, including meat.

Although, Ohana’s location is so much nicer, especially if you are eating relatively late and could watch the MK fireworks while sitting up there.

We’ve had great seafood at Cape May and we had very bad seafood there as well.

So, are you confused yet?


Well, have you looked over the menus? Do you have a preference food wise? For me, I really enjoy Ohana, but there is usually a long wait, and it seems to be better when you are there in time for the fireworks! Cape May is very nice, but I do prefer it for breakfast. :slight_smile:


I love both restaurants, but for different reasons. Cape May is a buffet with seafood. You can enjoy all-you-care-to-eat crab legs, steamed clams and mussels, shrimp, a carving station with beef or pork (sometimes both), various yummy sides and kids fare like mac-n-cheese and pizza. Their desserts are really yummy too,one of our favorites is chocolate lava cake.

'OHana is different, it is still all-you-care-to-eat, but you are served at your table. You begin with bread and salad, then yummy appetizers like dumplings, veggies, noodles, and glazed chicken wings (Teriyaki or honey glazed, I think).

Then the meat starts coming, lots of meat. On skewers, it is brought to your table by servers. Beef, pork, chicken, and our favorite, shrimp. All grilled over an open oak fire, the meats are juicy, tender, and delicious.

The meal is finished off with bread pudding topped with vanilla ice cream and bananas foster sauce (on the side).

I like the atmosphere at 'OHana better, they have a Hawaiian singer, children’s activities, plus if you time it right and get a good table, you can view Wishes from the restaurant.

Both restaurants off a lot of food. I guess it also depends on which park you are touring that day, 'OHana is on the MK monorail loop at the Poly and Cape May is a short walk from Epcot in the Beach club.

IMHO, you can’t go wrong with either restaurant.


I love Ohana. My DH would love both. The one thing I don’t like about Cape May (well, two, I’m not much into seafood) is the way the food is set up. You wait in line for say pasta and veg and then wait again to get the carved meat. It can be a bit a bottleneck at times. So depending on your patience level, that’s something to think about. Now after saying all that. The first time my DH went to Cape May and saw the layout, he turned into a grump. He thought it was a terrible setup. However, last trip we ate there twice and have an ADR for this trip.


'Ohana for my family.


If these were my only two choices, Cape May for dinner.
'Ohana doesn’t do a blessed thing for me, but on the other hand, I was pretty disappointed with the selections at Cape May for dinner as well.

Were you talking about breakfast, then I’d wholeheartedly choose Cape May over 'Ohana as it remains one of my favorite breakfasts in WDW.


I just went to Cape May Cafe for dinner this past December, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t on my top list of restaurant food either. The restaurant was busy & the organization of the buffet areas was quite messy. I like Cape May a lot better for breakfast.

O’hana on the other hand, we stopped going for a couple years because my DH got sick twice after eating there. We just ate there in February & we both loved it again. The food, especially grilled meats, were of good quality & the atmosphere is always fun. Plus, that dessert is DELICIOUS!


I have never been to Cape May, but I love 'Ohana. Of course, I really like meat and the pork, steak, shrimp, and turkey are all really good. If you like dessert then the banana foster bread pudding at 'Ohana is a must. When I looked at Cape May the reviews were just so-so, but 'Ohana is very popular!


We like Cape May for dinner but love O’Hana for breakfast!


Thanks for the input! We have eaten at Cape May in the past. I like clams but my daughter not so much. She always finds other things. We have never walked away thinking it was a bad meal just not really memorable. Ohana seems like something different since we have not been before. We did the Luau last years and liked the food. The menus seem like the same style of fare. My daughter is not a real red meat fan, but would probably like the turkey and shrimp kabobs. I know she would like the stir fry and dessert though. Me, Im easy I’ll eat just about anything. Sounds like Ohana’s it is! Thanks again. Gotta make it quick, you all know how ADR’s go.


Ohana. No question.


Unless you don’t like bread pudding and bananas (or Bananas Foster), which I don’t.
Then you’re stuck with vanilla ice cream!


Hands Down - OHANA!!
We loved the food, the location, the atmosphere & the staff was amazing!! We had a wonderful time there last year. I was worried about how my little ones would do with their food- needless worrying~ the staff took care of my kids like they were the only people in the room! WONDERFUL!!


Do you have time for both? What about Cape May for breakfast and 'Ohana for dinner? We’ve had breakfast at Cape May and it’s never been super crowded and the food is as good as any of the other breakfast buffets.


I’ll give Ohanas the edge but like Cape May also.