O'hana's vs Chef Mickey's


I just made an ADR for the last morning of our non-park trip at Chef Mickey’s. We’ve only ever done CRT and Chef Mickey’s and we’ve absolutely loved Chef Mickey’s (I think we’ve done it 3 times already).

I was thinking of something new, and thought of O’hana’s for breakfast. How does it compare to Chef Mickey’s? I notice they serve family style, but how would that work with just 2 of us?


OoOO, Ohana breakfast is SO SO SO great!!! Oh my gosh! And you get to meet ALOHA MICKEY!! I personally loved the breakfast there and would choose it over Chef Mickey any day. Go look at our Girl Party trip report, we had pictures of the food, characters, etc.

Oh, and don’t worry about the ‘party of 2’ served family style, that’s the story of our lives. :laugh: You get all the same stuff. :smile:


Have you ever done Ohana’s at night ?

They bring a skillet out with waffles eggs sausage bacon biscuits … they also give you fruit and some pineapple bread that is sooooo yummy and i believe cinnamon rolls … if you want anything else you just ask for it and they will bring you some more stuff …


Thank you so much for responding so quickly! I’ll have to raise the issue with DD when she gets up. I’ve never been to O’hana, but I really want a chance to see the Poly close up and I thought his might be the opportunity to try something new.


O’hana has always been a wonderful experience for us. I would suggest it.


Ohana’s for breakfast is sooooo good!!! I love the juice they serve!! And the eggs are really good too…they must put something special in them because they taste different than other scrambled eggs!


OK - DD is up - I described it to her. Showed her pics from Wishie’s TR and O’hanas it is. Lets see what we can get . . . Yeah!!! Same date, same time. I’m so excited to try something new!


Between family style service and some parts of the menu, I say Chef Mickey’s over O’hana at breakfast. Unless you need to see Lilo and Stitch, my opinion is to pass. On the other hand, if you’re in Disneyland, I highly recommend the Lilo and Stitch breakfast at the Pacific Pier Hotel, but this is largely a west coast CM, and a full buffet.


We absolutely love O’Hana’s breakfast the characters were great and kept coming over to our table in January because there wasn’t that many people there, The food is great and the juice is awesome!!


I love Ohana for breakfast! Love that passionfruit juice they give you as a starter (why don’t we get more of that?). The characters were so much fun. They do a conga (sp?) line around the middle of the restaurant with all the kids. And Aloha Mickey and Stitch were awesome! My sister and I went and we got everything just like everyone else. We especially love the Mickey waffles!

If you’re looking for something new then definitely try Ohana!


I do love Chef Mickey’s it’s a lot of fun and the buffet is good but something really intrigues me about Ohana’s breakfast. I haven’t been but I have seen a few reviews on here and all of them were positive ones. I also typically hate buffets but I make an exception for Disney…so the “family style” sounds great. Dave and I are a twosome and when we go to Ohana’s at night it’s served family style and it’s an extremely large amount of food! And if we want more they usually bring stuff out right away! So don’t let a twosome deter you from family style places.


We really enjoyed Ohana’s as well! Nicer, quieter, and prettier view then Chef Mickey! (First time I went to Chef Mickey, I LOVED it, last time, service was poor, and there were birds flying EVERYWHERE!, landing on the buffet, etc . . . gross!)

At Ohana’s you are in the POLY, so right there is beautiful! You are greeted, seated and then greeted by the server and the CHEF! The food is served HOT and the “LILO JUICE” is YUMMY!! So are the warm breads! The characters are just a PLUS . . . and they have entertainment for the kids!

MY VOTE, Ohana’s, hand’s DOWN! :happy:

PS. Ask to be seated so you have a view of the castle!


We’ve never been to 'Ohana for breakfast, but went several times for dinner before they changed the menu. I don’t know if I want to eat there without the huge skewered shrimp. We have been to Chef Mickey’s for breakfast and the food must have been mostly unmemorable because I can’t remember it.


O’hanna worked out perfectly for breakfast with just me and my DD. I would switch it up and try that breakfast. You will not be sorry…I sware by that character meal.


W’ve never been to the Poly for breakfast, but I know that Kona Cafe has the Tonga Toast for breakfast, right? Can you also get that dish at Ohana???


I’m glad to read good reviews of the Ohana breakfast. We have added to our list of ADR’s for our upcoming trip.


You won’t be disappointed! :happy:


We’re trying this one for the first time in Jan. (on our last day before heading to the airport). All of the good reviews have me really excited!!!