Ohana...seating, to avoid the "entertainment"?


we have a 5:25 adr here the 1st week of Dec.
i have showed my dd utube clips of the “entertainment” and she’s not interested. we all would like to avoid being in the area where the races and parade take place…we want to enjoy out meal w/o being bumped and it not be too terribly noisy.

my question:
what area if any can i request for us to be seated in so we can avoid the “entertainment”?

i have looked up images of he restaurant and just can’t seem to get a good idea of how the tables are arranged…from what i have seen the dining room is really a bunch of table all together in a long row…

please give me some tips and advice…

we are excited to try this restaurant for the food and atmosphere…but would like to enjoy our meal with as little chaos as possible. i know this place is not quiet…not looking for peaceful, romantic or even really “relaxing”…just hoping to get a spot where we will find ourselves not being in the fray.


also if anyone has any Ohana photos of the food, atmosphere etc. …would love to see them!


Yes, you can request to be seated away from “the entertainment zone”.
Not sure how much separation you’'ll achieve, but you can try.


It’s a funny shape, hard to describe, but the entertainment is directed towards the larger main area of the dining room. There are areas away from that central room.


Like over by the windows that overlook Seven Seas Lagoon.


okay, great!
maybe our request to be seated away from the central room and near the windows will be met seeing as how our adr is so early…sure hope so!

thanks for the info. :slight_smile:


We were in the corner with a family of 9 facing the lagoon next to the window and it was perfect. We were able to see the entertainment but was far enough away where we enjoyed our meal.


we are also going on nov 16 our adrs is not until 9:40 pm… im going to try and get an earlier time… if we get stuck this late is it worth it.


Oh O’Hanas is always worth it! Its such a lovely place, and a lovely atmosphere too.I would imagine even at that time it will be wonderful. The parade and entertainment are very un-obtrusive too, although I do understand if you dont want to be a part of it.
O’Hana is one of our very favourite places-in fact the parade around the restaurant song is my ring tone on my cell phone!:laugh:


OF COURSE IT’S WORTH IT (if you really want to eat there:sleeping:).
Plus, with MK closing at 7 PM with no fireworks, that tells me there’s a hard ticket party that night. At 9:30 you’ll be treated to Holiday Wishes, which should be viewed from the Poly’s beach so you can see it for free and you will also be able to see all of the peripheral bursts without having to constantly swivel your heads to see it all at once.

(I swear, Christmas comes earlier every year! Once upon a time, everyone waited until the Thanksgiving dishes were clean and Santa made his entrance at the end of the Macy’s parade before breaking out the Christmas stuff!:angry:)


I can’t blame you…I got whacked repeatedly in the arm by a stray hula hoop during our last meal there.