Ok emergency PS needed!


I’m going to the MK tomorrow, and I’ve NEVER made any PS besides CRT. Need suggestions in the next 5 min. before the WDW dine phones are done!


Oh no! I’m too late! Liberty Tree Tavern!! LIBERTY TREE TAVERN!! :slight_smile:


WOW!!! I was so hoping that you’d say that, 'cause when no one answered me, that’s what I booked! 1:30PM tomorrow:mickey:


I am so glad you pick LLT! I can’t wait to try that place–it is on our list of new restaurants we want to try this summer.


Cool. Let me know how LTT is. WE booked that for the first time this year.


We ate lunch at LTT a couple of weeks ago. And made the PS that morning, mind you! It was wonderful!! ENJOY! :mickey:


Whew, I’m so glad you guys are all backing my choice. I would have hated to book something no one liked! I’ll give you the report tonight when I get back or tomorrow morning. I’m actually up earlier than expected b/c my apt. complex had someone w/a chainsaw out there gardening at 7:30AM:fork_off: But at least I will probably leave on time today.:mickey:


STOP THE PRESSES! I just want to think about that phrase for a few moments… contemplate with me, people! How great to be able to say that! Let’s all practice together: “I’m going to the MK tomorrow…” Aaaaahh… that felt nice!


It feels even nicer to say I’m going in 10 min!!!:mickey:


:laugh: Have fun!

We’re trying LTT next month for the first time…let us know how it is!


Jenny’s turning into a regular Disney-holic :smile:

So… how was it???


Are you back yet? We all need a trip report ! :biggrin:


Jenny…you have been going to disney world far too much…teehee…ok…
so…yesterday you tell us when ever you are having a baby your going to tell Pete during Wishes…shortly followed by an emergency trip to MK…hmmmmmmm…is there something your not telling us!!!


LOL no, don’t worry, I promise you’ll probably know before Pete!

LTT was very nice, I’m going to post a mini TR right now.