Ok help with deciding a hotel


I am looking at Key West vs. Saratoga Springs… Does anyone have a preference? Can’t talk the relatives into my choice, so here we are…:wink:
Any pros or cons would be great- thanks!


OKW has always been our favourite - but SSR has good points too.

OKW was built before Disney figured out how to downsize. The size of the suites are in a class of their own. While you always get the feeling that the other DVCs are “vacation” villas, OKW gives you the feeling that you could move right in and stay forever. They just seem more condo-like. Many say that OKW doesn’t have the same “Disney” feel, but I disagree. Just dealing with the very best CMs at WDW makes it feel very Disney. Olivia’s is one of the best sleeper restaurants at WDW. The store is well-stocked with groceries you might have forgotten. The grounds are beautiful. On the “downside” - the place is enormous, but so is SSR. There is no counterservice restaurant. Some complain about the bus service, but we’ve never had a problem. OKW has a very private “exclusive-club” feel. As the oldest DVC many have been coming here for years and have sort of made it their own. Some like that, some don’t.

SSR is a beautiful resort too, but the suites and veranda/balconies are half the size of OKW. Not that they are “small” - just small when compared to OKW. The grounds are beautiful, but huge. The store/counterservice restaurant area was not well-thought-out. It can get really badly congested when people are ordering their food and waiting around for it. The Artist’s Palette dining area isn’t very Disney - it almost seems like an afterthought they stuck in, so people wouldn’t complain there wasn’t a counterservice. The Turf Club, though, is another terrific restaurant. One of the best with really nice servers. With the addition of the new pool in the Paddock area, SSR now has two “main” type pools, with slides. People here also complain about the bus service - but people complain about the bus service no matter where you are in WDW. It’s location is wonderful, right next to the Marketplace and you can walk there or take the boat. Of course, it has a wonderful spa too. It has a more “vacationy” casual feel to it, which is very nice and relaxing.

A plus for both is if you have a car. You can park right outside your suite which is very convenient.

It’s hard to say…there are pluses and minuses to each. I’d stay at either, happily, but if pushed…OKW would be my first choice.


Thank you Llama… Having a hard time with that decision. This info helps a lot…


So, I’m being a nosey noodle. Are you going with other family members? Or, are you helping family plan a trip. I’m thinking if your family is included, you should be able to include your favorite resort also. So, why don’t you have an “election.” Every person attending the trip gets to put one vote in the pot, with the agreement with everyone that whichever resort has the most votes wins. That way, its done fair and square and no pressure on you to figure out which one everyone will like.


We have stayed in 2 bedrooms in both of these and OKW was our favorite. Like Llama said the villas are 2x the size of SSR. SSR is great too so I don’t think you will go wrong with either. Look at pictures, etc and decided which theme, etc you like best.


[QUOTE=bethishooked;1129922]So, I’m being a nosey noodle. QUOTE]

whoa Beth! Such language!:happy: I think an election would be a good idea - if it’s a stalemate - you decide - because I have a hunch that you’re the one who will be doing all the planning for everyone.


I am going to be the voice of dissent and go with Saratoga Springs!

Though there is no arguing the size of the rooms at Old Key West (their studios are by far the best!), I am not a huge fan of the resort overall. I think my main issue was that I felt like we were always crossing busy streets or walking along busy roads and parking lots to get around the resort. I know that Saratoga has roads running through but there was something about the design of the roads in relation to the buildings at Old Key West that I really didn’t like. It felt less vacation-y somehow.

I was also not a fan of the small window that provides the only counter service and the small bar area that acts as resort bar AND pool bar. I did like the boat to DTD but also love walking to DTD from Saratoga.

I will say, however, that some of the more run down rooms we have experienced have been at Saratoga but I think they were recently quasi-renovated with new bedspreads, etc.

My other complaint about Old Key West was the buses - it seemed it took an eternity to get out of the resort but that is kind of the same situation at Saratoga.


Well, we decided on Saratoga- cause when we looked again, that was all that was available…

it will be fun, and hot, but that is what you get when you go to Florida in June…


I like OKW. The one room suite we had really felt like a Florida home.
And I have a lot of experience with Florida homes.


Problem solved.:happy:


Yep… The kids are excited to go, so that is all that matters. We will have so much fun!


[QUOTE=hanwill;1129930]Well, we decided on Saratoga- cause when we looked again, that was all that was available…

it will be fun, and hot, but that is what you get when you go to Florida in June…[/QUOTE]

I’d pick SSR then. :laugh: Better in June than August! It’s just hot at :fork_off: then. :whistling

You’ll like SSR. Even though it spread out and lots of buildings, there are multiple pools. It, like OKW, and great to get away from the hustle and bustle of the parks.


We found that WDW in August (last Aug anyway) was no hotter than the temps we were having here in Va last summer. I still would rather be in WDW in 90 degree weather, than the freezing temps we experienced that one year in the winter time. It’s much easier to cool off than to “warm up” IMHO. :laugh:


Small world, yes it is! I’d rather be hot- and get in the pool than to freeze…


I-I-I-I don’t know. You can always put more clothes on, but you can only take so many off :whistling :blush::laugh:

When DMIL has the same temps in OH as us it’s still always hotter here than there. Just like in FL it’s the humidity.


[QUOTE=Mickeybug;1129952]I-I-I-I don’t know. You can always put more clothes on, but you can only take so many off :whistling :blush::laugh:

When DMIL has the same temps in OH as us it’s still always hotter here than there. Just like in FL it’s the humidity.[/QUOTE]

Lol…true…and I see more and more people in a state of trying to cool off while at WDW!!! :laugh: But, we had 99 degree and 95% humidity here last summer about the same time as we went to WDW last August so we didn’t have to adjust much.

At the same time…we are used to 20 degree days in January here, but in Florida the 29 degrees we experienced there one year were down right penetrating with the cold…it was terribly uncomfortable walking around WDW in upper 30s during the day down to 29 at night!!! I am hesitant to take a chance on that cold again. :frown:


We really like SSR. Ask for Grandstand if you want the best bus service. Ask for Paddock to be by the cool new pool.


We did like Grandstand - it’s got the best small pool on property and beautiful views. My personal favourite is Congress Park, because it’s such a short walk to the Marketplace. The only area I would avoid is Carousel. It is miles from everything, plus it’s situated right at the front of the resort and the buses coming in and out constantly are really annoying - especially when you’re trying to sleep.


Have stayed at both more than once. Here are my thoughts…

Old Key West:
Pros: Service is better, rooms are bigger, buses were better
cons: food options are stinko and some of the rooms need help

Pros: rooms are nicer, food options better, DTD super close
cons: Service was horrible


I have stayed at SSR and enjoyed it, but visited OKW and ate at Olivia’s, which I loved, and also loved the feel of OKW