Ok, here are our plans!


So, our rooms are at least booked for the trip I never expected to take in April! Here are the rest of our plans so far!

Sat, 4/26 - Fly to Tampa in the morning, catch the Red Sox/Rays game that night at 7:30ish.

Sun, 4/27 - Catch the afternoon Red Sox/Rays game and then head out to WDW as soon as the last pitch is recorded. Once at WDW, we will check into the Beach Club and then head over to DtD for shopping and dinner at Earl of Sandwich

Mon, 4/28 - Morning at Hollywood Studios, then head over to EPCOT for lunch at Le Cellier at 2:50. Spend the rest of the evening in EPCOT, then head back to the resort and off to DtD for appetizers, drinks and dessert at Raglan Road (9:00 reservation)

Tues, 4/29 - Breakfast at Boma at 10:30 am. Relax the rest of the day, hang out at AKL, maybe rent a surrey bike on the Boardwalk, then over to Whispering Canyon for dinner at 5:00. Hopefully then head to the MK for the Pirate and Princess Party (once it is announced, I will snag our tickets)

Wed, 4/30 - Morning at AK, then over to EPCOT, dinner at Coral Reef at 6:10. Stick around for Illuminations.

Thurs, 5/1 - Breakfast at Spoodles at 10:30, then head out and drive to Port St Lucie for the next two nights to visit with some family.

Sat, 5/3, Fly out of West Palm Beach airport back to Boston.


I love your plans! A little Disney, a little Florida, and a little baseball.


Your plans look wonderful! I hope the P&P Party is announced soon, I know how hard it is to wait for things when you’re trying to plan.


Sounds great to me. Have a great time.


What a Country…Lets play Two!!:laugh:


Sounds great. Glad to see you get an unexpected trip… those are awesome!


Sounds great to me, I only have one problem with them… I WANT TO GO WITH YOU!!!


sounds great~ lots of yummy food, and lots of relaxing time!!


Those plans look great. I am with you on the P&PP. I want them to announce the additional dates so i can purchase tickets.


Sounds great! I wish I could be that organized


Great Plans I wish I was that organized! Have a wonderful Time!!!


Thanks everyone! I am so excited!


Did you know that Universal Studios is having Mardi Gras Weekends then also… something to check out. They also have a big parade too and live bands! Its only on Saturday’s though…But let me just say that your plans look awesome. My husband would love for me to add a sports event to our trip and now I just may…


Your plans look wonderful. It’s sure to be a great trip.


Let it rip!


Im soooo jealous… Sounds like an awesome trip you have planned. Im a redsox fan also and would love to see them in spring training. DH promised that this year we could take a trip to Fenway so we shall see.
Im soooo jealous. Sorry had to say that again. LOL