OK, I CANNOT believe this!


They are saying tropical storm Gamma is going to follow the same path as Wilma and hit the west coast of Florida around 1 P.M. on Monday as a tropical storm. ARE YOU KIDDING ME ??? It’s like last year all over again. We have had a pretty crummy time of it the past few months and a 2nd hurricane in a 3 week time span in the LAST week of stinkin hurricane season DOES NOT make me happy !!! Sorry, just need to vent sometimes :nonono2: :nonono2:


OMG tiggerfan74 :sad: I’d be venting too if I were in Florida.

I hope Gamma piddles out and you get nothing but enough rain for a rainbow :flowers:


Thanks DaisyD !!! a rainbow would be nice =D


Im right there with you tiggerfan I live on the east coast of Florida and well we live in Broward county which took a nasty hit from wilma we were the lucky ones and only lost power for five days but school was out here for 10 days ( I am a subsitute teacher) . The kids now have to go to school on Teacher planning days and all half days have changed to full days I dont know what they will do it we lose anymore school due to another storm


Another one? Sheesh. I hope it turns out to be nothing guys…stay safe. :heart:


Ug, that is terrible! I hope it fizzles out and just rains by the time it hits land.


Geez… I’ve been in a class the last few days and haven’t even been around the TV for news, so I didn’t even know there was another one coming. I hope it simmers down a bit before it gets to y’all.


Another one!!! No no no… Hope it steers clear of you, tiggerfan!! :frowning:


Oh that is so awful! I can not believe how bad it has been this year. I am hoping it fizzles out and you guys are spared.


The latest results from NOAA dont even have it hitting FL.


That would be GREAT!!! Cross y’alls fingers…


“y’alls”??? :huh:


I was wondering what a y’alls was too? :tongue:


It is currently falling apart . I am so happy ! Yesterday they had it hitting Cuba, but as of this morning, NO MORE GAMMA !!! Yay !! ( does a happy dance) :tongue:


I am so glad it missed us!!