Ok, I have a dilema


I have reservatios at the All Stars Sports.Thats is ok,only just ok. But I really want to upgrade to something a little nicer.I can only spend about 150.00-175.00 a night 200.00 maybe but that is pushing it. Everything seems to be booked for now. Does anyone have any tips,tricks or major suggestions. I am going Dec.1-3rd.


Do you live in Florida, or elsewhere?


I live in Florida


Have you clicked on the “Florida residents” link on the wdw website to see if there will be any discounts during those nights?


I have called and everything is booked.Discounts and no discounts. I was thinking about (not sure if anyone has been there or not) Bonnet Creek Resort.It seems very nice,just don’t know if is too much for my wallet.I am not going to cancel my *** resv.,but really want something nicer that is affordable.


Booked full is booked, I guess. We loved Port Orleans and would stay there again without hesitation.


That is where i am trying to stay in,but not looking so good.


mousemom, I would just keep checking the disney list of resorts on their site and maybe even call them up because you never know when someone may cancel their reservations


I have never know all the resort rooms to be booked but this seems to be the case. Looks like somewhere between Dec 8 and Dec 11 is the date for the first bookings being accepted on the WDW website. I really dread thinking about how crowded it’s going to be. We may have to forgo the perks of early and late Magic Hours and go to the other parks at those times. I vividly remember the day MK was soooooo crowded the busses were being staged for arrival and there was not even “standing room only” to enter the park. We hopped on the boat to Wilderness Lodge and spent a few hours exploring the Lodge and campgrounds instead.


keep checking - there are always last minute cancellations and changes. i am sure you will get something more to your liking…

where and what is bonnet creek resort?


I would try to stay on property of course and avoid off site. Try to PO riverside, french quarter, carribean beach , coronodo springs or even Animal kingdom lodge or wilderness lodge. I think the lodges still range in the $199 a night area.


Try calling a couple times a day. Several times I’ve been told the room I wanted was sold out, then the next day it was available. Not sure if its cancellations, or if they release a certain amount of available rooms each day or week. Keep calling. You will get it.


I just got POR to come up with a room. Maybe I am doing something wrong but lets hope she can get something. I sent her a pm.


I think the Pop Warner tournament is on that week. Maybe that is why she can’t get a room.