Ok i need help


a few things…how do i get a picture of grumpy next to my name…

and second how do i become grand marshall and open up the park in the morning

and what do people think of polynesian, i have a garden view should i try and upgrade to a lagoon view or mk view…not sure if i can but would it be worth it.


Hi! Welcome to MB!
To get an avatar you need to go to the tab at the top that says “User CP” and then click “Edit Avatar” in the left hand column. There are some pre-made ones there but you can make your own by shrinking down one of your pictures to 150 x 150 and adding it in that same space.

About the parade I am not sure. I don’t think there is anything that you can specifically do other than show up really early for the rope drop ceremony and cross your fingers that your family is picked.

And the Poly is lovely. If you can afford the hefty price tag (which I sadly cannot!) it’s worth it. Especially with small children the monorail resorts can be extremely convenient.


Bella, somewhere along the line, the maximum size for an avatar has been increased to 200x200. That’s the size of my last two avatars and I had no trouble uploading the larger picture.
I know it says in the directions that avatars can be no bigger than 150x150, but 200x200 works without any problem or issues.

The Poly is a nice place to stay. Garden view is fine, but if your budget allows, upgrading to water view is always a plus.