Ok i need help


so i been looking and talking to people and representatives about dvc. I heard not to buy at the 17,000 price there is stuff cheaper but i am new and lost with it all…i am a single mom and would love to be a dvc member…any advice or help you can give me.


Not sure about current pricing or where to buy cheaper. There are always resales, but I don’t think that is less expensive.

Good luck!


where is the best place to look at resales and is there financianing involved. sorry like i said i new and confused lol

new to looking into dvc


There are several DVC resale sites . The TimeShare Store is the one I looked at when we were looking to buy. We ended up buying through DVC but they seem to have a lot of listings.

You could by as few as 100 points through DVC a month or two ago and it wouldn’t cost as much as usual. DVC also finances your purchase if you are interested in that. We didn’t have closing costs and got all the current points so it made sense for us to buy through DVC and not resale.

There’s a DVC referral thread if you would like to use a member here as a referral to get information from DVC. They will send you all the current information with not strings. I called our guide for information and didn’t buy in for a couple of years, in that time she didn’t call me one time. I like that.


thanks well the first is i have to pay off my bills and then make it to where i have the money lol


That’s the smart way to do it. We waited several years before we bought in but it was worth the wait.


i hate being patient lol but i realized that i spent about 5 grand on the trip i just went to and that would of been a good way to start dvc but i plan 2 yrs ish before i go back so i have that way to save up but is there a reward if i bring up a name to a dvc contact


Members do get a reward for referring someone to DVC but only if they buy. There are also specials deals from time to time if you use a member’s name the first time you call.


ok well i already called dvc people but i figured i would pay the bills and then sign the paper for the no call. how much does it go up a yr out of curiousity. so i have some idea for yr or 2 from now.


I really don’t know, I paid $104 per point a year ago.


ok i appreciate this …


No problem. I don’t know as much about DVC as some but I still like to help.


I know there are a lot of happy families with DVC. One thing to consider is the market is very favorable to timeshare buyers and renters right now. I encourage you to check out the offerings at Sell TimeShare: No Closing Cost, No Commissions, Buy & Sell TimeShares. You can get an idea of what’s available at what prices. I found a rental there that I saved $3500 on…a deluxe 2 bedroom week at a Marriott. I think they are also pretty knowledgable about DVC properties and points stuff.