Ok if you had a choice between blizzard beach and wet and wild


ok i want to know what everyone would chose.

If you had a choice between blizzard beach and wet and wild in orlando witch one would you chose.

witch one in your opionions is the better park?

their both equal price pretty much but i am curious



Blizzard Beach. Just because it’s Disney.

We’ve tried Wet 'n Wild in Orlando (we had a free pass) and well, it’s nothing special, just another waterpark.


Blizzard Beach because Wet and Wild is all the way over on I-Drive and because it’s just a bunch of slides and stuff with no real themeing or scenary other than cars passing by.


I would choose Blizzard Beach. I am not a huge fan of Wet and Wild mainly for the reasons listed by others above, and I have ap’s so I wouldn’t need to pay anything extra to get into BB like I would W&W.


Would have to be BB for me. Once I am on Disney property I don’t like to leave “the World.”


Another vote for Blizzard Beach. The theming is so cool, and well as the others said Wet and Wild is just water slides.


Blizzard Beach!! It has the Disney touch. :mickey:


No question. BB.


I’ve never done Wet & Wild but like everyone mentioned BB has the Disney touch. When I’m in Orlando I want to do as much Disney as I can, I can do several different water parks closer to home.


Where else besides BB can you relax in your swim suit at a melting ski resort? :tongue: Blizzard Beach gets my vote. Nothing beats drying off from the tobaggan racers while laying in the sand under a palm tree. Ahhh


Blizzard Beach all the way! If I was doing an Orlando-area trip and wasn’t spending all my time in Disney, I might consider Wet n’ Wild…but otherwise I don’t see the draw. The Disney water parks are the best! :biggrin:


I have been to both. Wet n Wild doesn’t have the atmosphere. It does have more thrill attractions if that is what you are looking for. Summitt Plummitt looks awesome at BB but I don’t like those type of rides. My choice is Typhoon Lagoon.


Ok, I’ll be the brat and say Wet N Wild.

Sorry. I don’t mind it not ‘being Disney’ - I’m all for the fun. I can have fun anywhere.


What??? Really??? Oh goodness, you really mean it???

Blizzard Beach, of course… Disney Magic whenever possible!!!


BB for us, and tp to!!! :happy:


I have to say that last time we were at WnW, it was more of a draw for crowds of rowdy kids, not at all a family place. DH and I were there in '98, before DD arrived, but I wouldn’t even consider going there now. I haven’t been to BB, but I wouldn’t consider WnW anymore. It’s just not Disney, it’s a local hang out for area kids.


ok thanks i was wondering because i have been to wet and wild and everyone is right its nothing special and I have never been to blizzard beach and i heard it was alittle better then wet and wild and my husband and i where just talking about orlando and going to a water park their because where we live all i can go to is the beach and that gets old doing the same thing every weekend.

so we where thinking of changing it up alittle and doing something diffrent that would be fun.

so thank you all again


BB - it’s DISNEY!


Yup. A place/park being Disney owned hold no special place for me. Disney is great, but just because they own a place, that doesn’t make it better to me. Plus, I like thrills - Disney isn’t good at that.:happy:


It would have to be BB. WnW is to close to the road for my liking and it seems to be just all concrete, no nice grassy areas or any sand.