OK, I'm dreaming


We just received a letter from the Vacation Club thanking us for completing the mortgage payments on our ownership interest BEFORE the time allotted.

Don’t you think they could have given us a week at the DVC property of our choice, as a nice little reward. :dry: Just kidding - but it’s sure nice to know we’ve paid off our loan.


I say they owe you 300 points


WOW! How cool is that?! Paid off ahead of time! Tres bien! I can’t give you an extra week, so a hearty pat on the back will have to do!


Sound like time to buy more :wink:


I think a month would be more appropriate…


I second that doughnut!


We may score more points when the tuition payments end. I would like to take advantage of the trips around the world.


Wow, paid it off early! Way to go LLama.
Since you will have some extra money laying around now, do you have some I could borrow? :tongue:


Opportunist!!! :wink:


You’re as much of a dreamer, as I am :dry: Funny how that “extra” money never seems to materialize. :sad:


So true!!

Congratulations to you llama!


Congrats on paying it off early. I agree with you though, they could have given you SOME kind of reward…a little something…


Write them back and tell them you want a free week for being such wonderful and loyal DVC owners…lol


Congratulations!!! :happy:

hehe. It can’t hurt to ask if there is any reward. Maybe one free year on an annual pass? Hmm, what else? SOMETHING, hehe.

Yeah, I hope to get one of those letters ASAP!!! I REALLY hope when I do some kind of reward will have been established then. haha


OK - and I’ll tell them I’m bringing a few friends. :angel:


I knew you wouldn’t forget about me. :heart:


I could never forget about you, Dana :heart:



Y’all are so best friends forever! I love it!! :wub:



Actually, they are probably thinking of a way to penalize you! You paid off early, which means they collect fewer dollars in interest. If everyone was as responsible as you, they would probably have early payment penalties.

Congrats on paying off your loan early! I hope I learn a valuable lesson from you!


Congratulations on paying off DVC, I bet that feels wonderful.