OK - Looking at booking (2 rooms or rent) and other stuff

  1. We are about to book our next trip for March of 2011. I can get 2 rooms at All-star for $155.00/night per room…all together plus tax it is $2,452.10 for a arrive Sat and leave Sat trip…can I do better renting points (6 people in my party)

  2. At what point do you get group rate - If I get in-laws to go and bring their kids we could get up to a dozen in our party.

  3. Not doing Deluxe ever again - Travel agent asked why…was it just too much food? I said “No, too much committment - it’s vacation, I hate HAVING to be somewhere all the time and Deluxe made me feel that way.” I do know which places are MUST now for our family though…so, is it better to not do dining or just do quick service and make reservations at 4 or 5 places and pay out of pocket or do the regular dining plan.

  4. will the mid March be anything like the week after Christmas and july 4th week. I have friends there now that say it is crowded but their pics look NOTHING like all our pics as far crowd level. I cant imagine it be anything like the Holidays.


Renting points generally works out slightly cheaper than staying value. So you upgrade to deluxe for a value price, generally WELL below rack rate and even AP holder discounts.

For example 2 studios at OKW would run 212 points or $2120-2756 ($10-13 pp.) A two bedroom will run you 298 points but 6 people can sleep on beds and nobody has to get the sofa bed (which REALLY isn’t that bad) plus you get a living room and kitchen area.

Points go up from there and if you want BLT and MK view…


if we could get 2 studios at OKW within a couple hundred bucks up or down from the value resort price then that is a no brainer. Next question - can they adjoin the rooms or at least be right by each other?


not to throw a monkey wrench into the works ,are you going in spring break next year,or easter because 155.seems high for values,if it is easter or spring break then maybe…but renting points would seem the way to go…you avoid the rooms tax


next year easter is about as late as it can be apr 24th…but the best way to truly know about peak crowds is how disney posiyions their seasons for next year…i will do some research and post the season changes in a while


well magic season,is all of march next year…108 points for a week ,but premier week is 2 weeks in april for 158 points …so judging by this you still will have significant crowds but my guess would be earlier in march slightly smaller and getting worse the later into the month…spring break and all…best of luck


its Spring Break…for us here in MS Spring Break is usually the second full week in March…we are in Spring Break now.


“Request are not guaranteed” is the official answer. But they are really pretty good about getting you close when you link the reservations together.


Southwest Florida piping in, our spring break is and has been the 1st week of April. Dunno what the heck Disney considers it, you can see by their calendars I’m sure. Lemme say WOW for the room price for a value!:eek: We’re heading to POFQ on a room discount rate through fil being a Disney Visa member and it’s something like $115 a night? (I could be wrong but it’s definitely not $155.) Our trip is in March. I’d bide my time and wait to see what they come up with by Dec/January. I’d just save until then and any money you save on rooms etc is more to spend.

As for dining we did reg DDP last trip. This year we have decided to not kill ourselves with ADR’s and do the CS one. I am SOOOO happy about this. I HATED being confined to ADR’s. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Crystal Palace, Tutto Italia, and Sci Fi Dinner Theatre. But the restrictions as to “Can I ride this ride, will I have time to make it?” or “I’m at Test Track, can I make it to Italy in 20 mins?”

I did make an ADR for Chef Mickey on one day and I prefer it this way.

Our trips we have always booked 2 adjoining rooms at POFQ. It’s just much easier for us and in the end it’s cheaper due to discounts etc. Not that renting points isn’t cheap, but fil plans these trips and he refuses to rent points.

Have fun planning.