OK - made my ADR's Today


OK - I called at 6am my time, as soon as the phones opened up to make ADR’s. I immediately panicked b/c my wait time was 25 minutes, and it was all of that and more…but things started out good and here is what I ended up with.

12/26 - Breakfast - Chef Mickey’s
Dinner - Coral Reef (CP)

12/27 - Breakfast - Crystal Palace
Lunch - The Plaza
Dinner - Leberty Tree

12/28 - Breakfast - Tusker House
Lunch - Yak & Yeti
Dinner - PrimeTime

12/29 - Breakfast - Akershus Princess Breakfast
Lunch - Biergarten
Dinner - Flying Fish

12/30 - Breakfast - Park Fare
Dinner - Le Cellier

12/31 - Breakfast - Boma
Lunch - Crystal Palace
Dinner - Toni’s

01/01 - Breakfast - Cape May
Dinner - Yachtsman


Awesome job! You have a really nice selection there.


Great Choices… Looks like a ton of food, enjoy


I’m glad you were able to get both Chef Mickey’s and Donald’s Safari Breakfast.
The Tusker House breakfast has become a hot ticket, and very hard to get.
I’m guessing your 90 day window opened up this morning.


sounds awesome! Have fun!



yummy! You took my Beirgarten suggestion…woot woot…I hope you like it!


You must have had a ton of pixie dust. Your plans sound so great. I tried for Le cellier and norway and I don’t like to be picky, but I just don’t like eating dinner at 9 PM.


One word for you… YUMMMY!!! hope you enjoy every bite!


I had to comprimise a little and take Le Cellier at 4:20, but we dont have lunch scheduled that day just breakfast and snacking.


Sounds familiar. Oh, right.
That’s the time I was offered too. Either that or 8:30 and that clearly conflicts with Illuminations.
You’re not going to get seated and order, go outside to catch the show from a badly obstructed spot, and then march back inside to eat.
We’re not talking Japan with a second floor balcony with decent viewing here, we’re talking back in the Canadian woods.


so 4:20 was the better option?


Yes definitely. When we get an early seating, we usually have a big breakfast, skip lunch, so that we can enjoy dinner that early.


I wouldn’t say it was better, only that it worked better with my other plans.
I’d really wanted some time between 6 PM and 7 PM.
The day we’re going, MK closes at 11, so worst comes to worst, we grab a couple of burgers at Cosmic Ray’s or Pecos Bill at 10:45.
Or I could jump in the car once we get back to CSR and go to McDonald’s(:ohmy:)


now on to making park schedules around this and EMH.


Whatever works for you, but I’ve found that I plan my dining around park and EMH schedules, not the other way around.


yeah - I did that the first time and had it worked out this time to do that…but some things DID NOT work like I planned. I had to make a choice right there on the phone - scratch the original plan and not get some definite ADR’s i wanted within the time frame I wanted or be flexible with the park schedule to get EVERYTHING I wanted as far as ADR’s. I figured 8 days was enough time to get to the things we must do and love to do no matter what our ADR’s were.

So, I am hitting every restuarant I wanted to hit…but some when I didn’t want to hit them…Example - I wanted Le Cellier either 12/26 or 12/31 but couldnt get it - So, now I am in MK on New Years Eve (which is NOT what I wanted, but oh well - I am at MK on New Years Eve - I could be home doing nothing - perspective is everything :slight_smile:


YES!! This is soo true. You have a great attitude, you are going to have an awesome trip.