Ok Ok We are going!


After a couple weeks of kicking it around. We have decided to cancel our trip to Destin(darn oil spill), and book our third consecutive year of a WDW trip. Our question now is where to stay? We have it narrowed down to POP or POR, but leaning toward POP. Let the planning begin!!!


Congrats!!! DW and I have been kicking around the idea of POP for next year’s trip…happy planning!


Congrats to you. Happy planning!


We saw the writing on the wall, so my wife has been making ADR’s for the last couple weeks online, so we are not too far behind.


WDW…just sucks you back there doesn’t it? lol


Congratulations!! We waffled back & forth this year too but finally decided to go~ the kids will be grown before we know it!! :crying:Come join us at POR!! We decided to upgrade this year - mostly for the space but also for the full free dining. It worked out to be a better deal for us than staying at Pop & upgrading from QS. I’m sooo excited to see POR~ I’ve only heard/read wonderful things!! :wub:


You will LOVE POR, IMHO…has the feel of a deluxe at moderate prices…enjoy!!


Just booked POP for November…couldn’t make it through the year without going. Happy planning and have a great trip!