OK... OKW or Saratoga


OK, I KNOW i am compulsive but this “not being able to get Boardwalk Villas” thing has me thrown. After going back and reading MANY comments people made on DC about Saratoga I am wondering if I will be better off at OKW in August instead.

It sounds like Saratoga bus transportation isn’t the best (which is important to us), the resort is HUGELY spread apart, it’s the farthest from nearly all the parks, some people here suggest you should have a car (which we won’t), and it sounds like a lot of people think OKW is just nicer.

So what should I do, I’ve never stayed at either. Are there many buildings within a short walking distance to the lobby/pool area at OKW? Which has more efficient bus service?

If you were staying at OKW which building would you request to make sure you were close to everything? Same with Saratoga, which building would you request to be really close to lobby/pool/restuarant?

Why is this so hard to decide? haha


You said that you don’t care for OKW cause it’s a theme you feel you grew up on, so why not go to SS? I would honeslty choose OKW (an did) if given the choice.


you are right Dana but BOTH themes don’t appeal to me equally. haha.

I just don’t want to be stuck at bus stops for 30 minutes in the august rain or have long walks to the community areas. I am jsut wondering which resort I have a better chance or being “closer” to everything if I request it.

People here seem to really sing the praises of OKW so I am starting to wonder. hehe.


Girlfriend, you best stop complaining!!! I’m gonna cruise down the Parkway and slap you silly!!! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Honestly SSR looked lovely when I saw it this summer and I can totally understand you ot wanting to stay at OKW because it would seem “familiar”. But think about it this way, so would the BW, right?


whoops, hiccup.


i’m exit 114 tink, hehe. I really should be slapped i know it. :pinch: I am just the most INDECISIVE person EVER!!! :angel:

I apologize and THANK GOODNESS everyone here on DC is so patient with me. hehe, or so they PRETEND to be. :tongue:


I really would like the same questions answered. We are renting points for Feb. and we are trying to decide the same thing for our October trip. So far we have only stayed at the ASMo’s and have never waited more than 10 minutes for a bus, that is going to the parks and going back home for the night. We have also been right at the pool and just a few feet away from everything we would need. We will be getting a studio and we like the looks of the other resort rooms vs. OKW for just the two of us. OKW looks like any other hotel room and the other studios just look like a cute mini apt. But I want to be able to get to the parks and back home at night quickly and I dont want to have to walk a mile to get to the room. I will be watching to see what info you have for Wish and hoping that we will be able to decide too! :mickey:


which to decide :wacko:

I would go with OKW.


I’ve stayed at both. I like them both. I like OKW because the rooms are a little bigger. OKW has two queen beds, no sofa. SSR has a queen bed and a sofa sleeper. The balcony’s at OKW are bigger, too. 95% of the units at OKW are far away from EVERYTHING, so most likely you will not be within walking distance to the main pool, lobby, etc. There is no food court there either. Just Olivia’s and the hamburgers to go joint.

Honestly, when we stay at OKW, we hop in the car and drive over to PoFQ and use their pool and food court!

SSR and OKW are on the same road, only a mile or maybe two apart from each other. They are practically neighbors!

When we stayed at SSR in May 2005 the buses weren’t bad at all. I would say nearly equal to our many experiences at OKW.

SSR is mostly all new buildings, nothing left (that is recognizable anyway) of the old Disney Institute. You could ask for a fireworks view of DTD and see the fireworks each night from your balcony, too.

I, personally, would stay where you are for August, and give OKW a try for November. They are both lovely resorts.


I haven’t stayed at OKW, but I was really very disappointed in SSR. I just felt like I was in a condo for a week. The walk to DTD is nice and might be the only thing SSR has over OKW. I felt the bus service was less than stellar, and because we were in Congress Park (to be closer to DTD), we were eons from the community areas. If you want to be close to the community areas, request the Springs section of the resort; but to get a view of DTD, you have to be in Congress Park.

Given the choice, I’d stay anywhere but SSR. I mean that. I’d choose any Disney resort (mods and values included) over SSR just because they feel more “Disney” and are a bit closer to the parks.


Just to chime in with Balis reply, I’d like to add that the Disney “atmosphere” at both resorts would be equal in my opinion. (neither SSR or OKW are overly “Disneyfide”) About all the Disney you see in or around your room at either resort are the soaps, shampoos, cups, etc. and the fence posts at both resorts have hidden Mickey’s in them. Hope that helps with making your decision.


We have stayed at both SSR & OKW and have really enjoyed each one. We like to try out new resorts, be open minded and enjoy where we are. If you go into your trip thinking negatively, than you probably won’t enjoy any place you choose. Your 2 options are very nice, we stayed at The Springs at SSR, the bus stop was very close to our stairwell…yes they have elevators, but we usually chose the stairs…anyhoo, we could see the pool, the gift shop and the Fireworks from our balcony. Sorry, I can’t remember our room number right off hand. We also enjoyed the closeness to DTD and being able to walk to & from. We also liked OKW, we were in building 18 2x’s and hope we get it again in March. Just a short walk across the parking lot to the bus stop. I think my parents & aunt & uncle took a boat ride from OKW to DTD during their last trip.
I know your disappointed about BWV, but try to be adventurous and try out the resorts DVC has to offer…you may find a favorite…in the meantime, I’m hoping you’ll get a call saying they have a room at BWV for you. And hopefully we’ll get to stay there someday too!


Does anyone know how they are with filling “requests?” People have told me to request buildings 12,13, and 62 if we decide on OKW. I am just wondering what my chances are at getting one if I actually request those buildings?


I seriously might be in the minority here, but we went to OKW and were NOT impressed at all! Maybe because it was lacking the Disney magic that is present in the other resorts…maybe because we own timeshare off site ( :eek: ) and that resort is sooo much nicer (well, at least the rooms are nicer!). But we stayed at OKW for 4 days and DH complained the WHOLE TIME. We had two Queen beds in the room and I think it would have been more spacious if there were ONE queen bed and a sleeper sofa. We also had something wrong with our shower, we had no plates or silverware (paper/plastic ware…whatever!) and we had a bug problem! Gnats EVERYWHERE…we left cookies on the counter one night and in the morning, they had bugs all over them. It was AWEFUL!

That being said, we had a PERFECT location. The building was right across the street from the main building, right near the busses. It was a first floor unit, so we didn’t have to worry about lugging our luggage and stroller up flights of stairs, since there was no elevator. We didn’t check out the rest of the resort, but I have heard that it’s very nice.

If I were you Wish…I would stay at SSR for this trip, and then do OKW for November. :wink:


That’s what I am starting to think. I will save OKW for the 4 nights in November. I am just wondering if it will be easy to get those nights at my “non-home resort” considering it will be during Food and Wine and nearly Veteran’s Day weekend? Is OKW easy to get during those holiday times for a studio?


Hmmm…not sure! I am not a DVC member, I rented points when I went. We went the first week of December, though, and it was very easy to get what we wanted. I would start calling the morning of the 7 month mark of your check in date, and go from there. I don’t think you should have a problem…but what do I know?? :huh:


I personally like Saratoga. We stayed in the Congress Park building and it was only a 3 minute walk to downtown disney. The buses didn’t take that long to get to the stops and it wasn’t a long ride to the parks either. How many people are you traveling with? We have 7 of us and we stayed in a 2 br at saratoga. The rooms are smaller at saratoga than at okw. OKW rooms are nice too, very spacious. If you stay at okw request to stay on miller’s road, that’s near the main building. If you stay at saratoga request to stay either in congress park to be close to dtd or the springs to be near the main building.


Thank you for all of your help!!!

We ended up getting Boardwalk like we wanted for August!!!

although, I will be staying at Saratoga in November and I DID request “Springs.”

Thank you again!


YAY! For you Wish!! I’m so happy for you!!! So, did they have an available studio when you called or did they have to call you back??? That was just soooo fast!!! Now you can totally enjoy every aspect of the trip!!! Congrats!!


So what was the answer?? SSR or OKW, cause I still havent got a def answer reading this thread…
I know I know to each there own and no two trips are alike.
Personally I do want to walk to DTD, but doesn’t OKW have a boat like POR that goes to DTD??
I think for me dtd is the deciding factor and maybe the newness…even though OKW rooms are supposed to be quite larder. Oh WDW why do you mock me with your many resort choices!! Way to go Wish, all I can get is a studio at BWV when I go and I was hoping for a 1 bedroom, which is why I’m asking the same question as you.
P.s. aside from the larger space and washer/dryer/full kitchen any advantages of getting a 1 bedroom over a studio?