OK since you asked


In my avatar is the best Mickey statue I have seen. It was in the lobby of SOG, on his feet and base is the Declaration of Independance. It really is a nice one. :happy:


Now we know! That is so cool that they have the Declaration of Independence there too.


That is very cool …:slight_smile:


so cool!!! Lobby of SOG…I’d better go look up that abbreviation list…


Tessa, it’s Shades of Green, I believe!!

What a cool avatar and thanks for clearin’ up the mystery. hehe! Very cool!


That is very nice. Too bad they don’t have a statue of that outside Hall of Presidents or The American Adventure.


hey thanks Wish :wub:


Thats a good idea, for those who have no knowledge of this resort you should check out its site. shadesofgreen.org it really is a nice resort. :happy:


How cool is that? love it franco! :heart:


My DH played the golf course there… (you don’t have to be in the military to play it, and it is a great short course for taking young golfers!)… This hotel is right next to the Poly, and it is beautiful, completely surrounded by rolling golf course. And you feel really proud when you see all the military men and their families running around and having so much fun together!