Ok, So Dee is worried about packing for Sept, but I'm into SHOPPING!


I decided last night that we need:

New luggage

New swimming suits

New pajamas

and since I am joining a weight loss clinic, I plan on being 30 pounds lighter by then, so I need new clothes :tongue:


I’m currently obsessed with Disneydirect.

I just thought I should get that out of my system.


I’m so in the same boat too!!!
DH and I are going crazy looking for new luggage (since ours got ripped last year and the zippers were broken off!!)

Erin, I also :wub: disneyshopping.com! DD has gotten alot of new stuff, including a new towel with her name on it and new sneakers!

And I too am doing the WW thing (online) trying to lose those extra lbs that i put on from the stress of buying our house this past winter!


Erin, I have been on Disneydirect for about a month and half now.
I have gotten Nikki and I matching shirts.
HollyLynne Grumpy pants and a Hidden Mickey bag.
Nikki has gotten a new tinkerbell jacket… I have spent just to much $$$.

I have bought new TSA approved locks, and have redone the inserts for the luggage tags.
Started shopping for clothes for DH
and have started to load all kind of stuff on my PDA so we have reference while we are down there…

I guess I am a little obsessed.


Dee - you certainly qualify! LOL! :wink:


Erin… I take that as a complement!
Trust me.
I have had so much fun here the past 5 months or so…


I have some TSA locks, LOVE THEM!

Erin, check out e-bags if you need new luggage. There is a link through mousesavers and if you go to the site through them, you get a 20% discount on most things :happy:

I started calling Disneydirect ‘Deadlydirect’ because it’s deadly to my saving account, lol.


‘Deadlydirect’ - I like that.
Gotta remember that one.


I was doing WW, and I loved it, but I have moved on to something more intense. :c)

I think I’m gonna buy two sets of the MIckey luggage.

I love it!

We don’t have a set. WE are so ghetto with our luggage. NOthing matches!


Does e-bags have Mickey mouse luggage? :mickey:


Erin, sometimes ebags does carry Disney bags, but not always. And I was wrong, the e-bags discount is 15%, not 20% :happy:


I love Disneydirect! I can spend so much there and not even really know it. I want the Mickey luggage so bad but I won’t let myself buy it since our luggage is always damaged when we fly. Last year a new suitcase came back with no zipper pulls and another bag had a ripped handle. This year a suitcace returned with all the plastic molding smashed. I would be so upset if I bought hte Mickey luggage and it was ruined the first time we used it.

Have fun shopping, Erin!


I don’t think they do. I check the website and saw nothing… But ebay has got some nice one…

Erin, quick question, do they make tinkerbell autograph books? I will be heading to Downtown Disney the minute after we check in to get one for Nikki. And maybe Tigger for HollyLynne.


I was just looking at the Mickey luggage at disneydirect. 50.00 on sale for all three pieces seems like a good deal. I wonder what the quality is like??? Personally I think Miss Caisley needs her own set of pink princess luggage, it was on sale, too.


And Princess luggage tags too… Couldn’t have been put better!

Erin try this link… http://www.allaboardtoys.com/find.asp


We all need luggage, so we are ordering two sets of the Mickey black. Caisley will get her own princess bag, and she has a cool Walt Disney World diaper bag.

I would love for her to have that princess luggage. Maybe when she gets older :wink:


I don’t know! We have the blue Fab 5 autograph books that they’ve sold forever.

I’ve seen gold 50th Celebration books, and I think I’ve seen pink princess ones. (I could of made that up, though!)

I don’t know!


Thanks anyway. We are going to get one as soon as we arrive.
The Disney Store doesn’t carry them anymore.


aawwww… a princess bag… that will work … every little princess needs a princess bag… where else would a princess keep all her tiaras.


When DH and I finally go to WDW, we are going to need all of the above and more! :wacko: The thought of that shopping trip (or trips) makes me absolutely giddy! :biggrin:

Our luggage is battered and falling apart from moving multiple times within the past couple years…neither of us has bought new clothes in a couple years…(I’m wearing a DCA shirt that I’ve had for years - it has a hole in the left armpit! Oy! :pinch:)…neither of us has swimsuits…

When that day finally comes and we have a trip booked, it is SHOP CITY for us! :biggrin:


I would love to have some new luggage. Mine is all mix and match. I, however, will not buy good luggage until all the kids are out of the house. I came to that conclusion after watching my fourteen year old kick my carry-on across the parking lot because I guess it was too exhausting to pull the handle up and wheel it… don’t you love teenagers!!!