Ok, so I'm a little bummed


I had it in my head that today was going to be the day that free dining was going to be announced, at least to Disney Visa Cardholders. Yet nothing, and I’m a little bummed, I have to say! :crying:

I know that it’s not a guarantee for this year and it may not happen, and on and on and on… but I really thought today was the day. And my calculation was based on if they announce to the general public 4/1, then they would announce it today for Visa cardholders, but maybe it’s 10 days before, in which case it’s tomorrow… so here’s to holding out hope! :blush:


I’m in that same line up with you, awaiting the announcement and yes, I keep telling myself it may not happen, if it does it would be icing on the cake but don’t bet on it… :sad: it’s very hard though… I’m getting a little blue holding my breath…


Try not to get too blue about it - hopefully it will all work out :slight_smile:


ok, so no announcement today either… so another day of diappointment :crying: . ok, so my next holdout date is 4/1/08. :glare:


i’m waiting right along with you…with my fingers crossed…


There’s a rumour on touringplans that this year’s free dining offer will be announced April 10th. There’s no word on what dates yet, although I do remember reading somewhere that it’s mainly September this year. This site was right on the money last year when they predicted when free dining would be available, so there’s no reason to doubt them this time around.


ah, a glimmer of hope…:angel:


UK residents have already been able to book free dining for the period of August 10-Sept 27 and WDW resort guests were able to book a “bounceback” offer last Aug/Sept if they were willing to book before they checked out for nights between August 30-Sept 27/08. I believe that the value resort category wasn’t available for UK residents, but all categories were available for the bounceback offer. Generally speaking, if touringplans announces something, you can pretty much count on it. The only thing left now is to see what resorts and dates will be available. Good luck! :mickey:


This same offer was available to anyone who was in WDW in Spetemper last year. We got this in our room, but had to make a $200 deposit before we left to get it. I wasn’t prepared to do that at the time, so we didn’t book it.


It was offered to us when we were there last November. Had to pass.:crying:


Very true!


Oh I hope you are right! I booked my trip in Sept. based on my hopes of free dining. Do you think it will be the Visa holders first on the 10th?



If I’m remembering correctly, Disney Visa Card holders have always had a 3 day jump on the rest of us. I would have one in a second if Canadian residents were allowed! If I was betting, I’d say that you’ll be eating in fine free style in September! Hope you have a great trip regardless.


Does that mean that Disney will announce free dining on the 10th? - or will they announce it before then and we have to ring on the 10th?

I am going no matter what - but anything free is always good!


I have set money aside in my vacation account for this years trip. i’m just waiting for the free dining. if I dont hear anything by 4/7 i’m going to start getting concerned.


If you keep an eye here and on touringplans and mousesavers you will usually know a little before the actual booking date arrives. Based on previous years, you’ll probably get official confirmation within a week of the booking date so that you can be ready bright and early April 10th. It’s still not clear yet whether the 10th is for Disney Visa holders and the general public will have to wait a few more days or if the 10th is for the general public and Disney Visa holders will have access a few days before the 10th. Since April 10 is a Thursday, my guess is that Disney Visa holders will have started booking around the 7th and the 10th is the general public date. Hopefully Disney will confirm all of this officially very soon. Good luck everyone!


Thank you. I do have a Disney Visa so I do have that advantage!



I too have my trip budgeted to pay for DDP BUT I would love to be able to upgrade the room or have extra spending money!



I just saw this on touringplans, too. Good luck to all of you going then.


I’m not bummed anymore!!! :laugh: WOO-HOO!!! :goofybounce: Free dining… :wub: My new travel dates are 8/29 - 9/5/08. :cheshire: I will be working on my reservations this week, so that I can call them in promptly on Thursday. :blink: Yippee!! I’m so happy I could spit! :huh: